Stiffness Tester For Paper

The quality of the paper and linear boards is determined by its resistance to bending. Presto's stiff resistance tester is designed to test the quality of paper by estimating its resistance. This decides the economic value of the paper. The instrument complies with the testing standards of TAPPI - T489 OM-08. This is the perfect instrument to measure the flexural rigidity of the paper and linear boards or paper boards.


To test the quality of the paper and decides its economic value, paper stiffness tester is used. The ability of the paper and paper boards to resist the bending is measured using this instrument. To perform the test, the specimen is mounted on the tester using the clamping system. The lower faces of the clamp jaws are the centre of the rotation, it is located on the pendulum. This assembly makes sure that the test and angle of deflection are constant for accurate test results. To start the test, the load is applied on the lower end of the specimen. Irrespective of the thickness of the sample, the jaws make sure that it precisely placed in the centre. 

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