Tensile Testing Machine in Baddi

Tensile tester is majorly a Polymer testing instrument which is used to perform mechanical testing on plastic materials. It can perform elongation, stress resistance, breaking strength and tensile strength test on Plastic films and products. It is a digital model and can be customised for size as per request. One can now have Tensile Testing Machine in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and other prime locations of India.


Tensile strength is a valuable property factor of plastic film and foils. As per their applications, they are required to be rigid or flexible up to a limit. To see if they are following the industry criteria or not, they must be checked under controlled tensile forces. Tensile strength tester is designed as per international standards and allow the user to check the tensile strength, elongation strength, breaking strength etc. of the material. These values play a major role in deciding the quality standards of the products. The tester is equipped with a tensile fixture having a strong grip at the product. The travel length can be easily specified by using safety limit switches. The digitally operated areas have a bright LED screen for test value display and feather touch buttons to control the fixture movement. Tensile Testing Machine is now available in Baddi and other regions of the entire nation. We also export our products to international nations.

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