Tensile Testing Machine in Haridwar

The tensile tester is widely used for testing the quality of polymer-based material. It calculates the tensile strength of plastic material and products for estimating the product quality and standard. Now you can access Tensile Testing Machine in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for testing polymer-based material tensile strength.


There are many polymer materials which are used in applications which faces tension forces, stress on their daily uses. For example plastic wrapping foils which are pulled to maximum and then used for wrapping up products, the rope which faces tension forces etc. This material must have a set amount of resistance against tensile forces. To check if they match the industry requirements or not they must be tested under real-life tensile pressure. This can be done using tensile testers. The Presto group offer single column tensile tester in a digital version. It can be used in low capacity testing. The machine uses a highly advanced microprocessor program based upon which the digital setup is built. It is equipped with strong clamping fixtures to hold the specimen tight while performing test procedures. The specimen is held from both ends and are stretched at full force until they get elongated or completely fracture from between. Get Tensile Testing Machine in Haridwar and introduce quality processing in your industry.

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