Tensile Testing Machine in Mumbai

The tensile tester is used for calculating the tensile strength of plastic material. It is a single column testing machine and is equipped with digital controls. The grip type varies from sample to sample. Additional features like safety limit switches are also a part of the delivery. Now you can have Tensile Testing Machine in Mumbai, Maharashtra and in other locations across India and other countries as well.


All types of Plastic Material have a defined tensile strength of their own depending upon their making process and composition. Tensile strength is a very vital property of plastic and manufacturers decide their further use and categorize them as per this property. That is why it is must to have a testing apparatus which can precisely record the tensile strength. Tensile test machine by Presto is designed as per international test standards. The machine has a load cell equipped with the testing apparatus to distribute the pulling force equally on the specimen. The grips offered are standardly vice type but other forms of grips are also allowed to be purchased with the equipment as per the customer’s choice. Safety limit switches are equipped to implement limitations in the travel length while testing. The force is recorded on the digital display screen which is based on a high –technological microprocessor program. Access the best testing solution for estimating plastic tensile strength with Tensile Testing Machine in Mumbai and in other prime locations.

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