Torque Tester Digital Model With Printer

Torque Tester Digital Model With Printer

Torque Tester - Digital is a consistent tool to measure the force or torque required to open a closed cap of PET bottle. It gives Torque in digital format. The digital display is a high-end sophisticated read out with Auto Tare (ZERO) set facility and Peak Hold arrangement.
Registered Design Patent No. 361206-001


Benefits of Torque Tester

The torque tester for bottles are used to determine the torque of Threaded or screwed caps on bottles and similar containers. This measurement with the torque Tester for bottles is particularly important to and out whether the containers are properly closed. A container's cap torque is not important to determine only for its product integrity, but also for customer satisfaction and their safety.

PET industries cater the requirements of a wide assortment of industries such as food industries, beverage bottling plants etc. The PET bottles are used for packaging of food items and beverages for better safety and long lasting freshness. A major aspect of bottles that must be tested before usage is the fastening of the bottles caps.  Torque tester-Digital is an ideal testing instrument to test the fastening of the bottle caps and lids.

Torque tester for bottle caps stands out as a highly efficient and precise testing instrument widely employed in PET industries and bottling plants. Its primary function is to assess the secureness of lids and caps on PET bottles and jars. This digital torque meter features a digital display, facilitating easy and accurate reading of test results.

This digital torque tester with printer has been made with strong clamping pegs/holders for zero gripping support and a digital display that provide accurate and repeatable results. We have designed this high-quality lab testing instrument with an in-house calibration facility to have precise measurements of torque. Besides this, it has an adjustable clamping mechanism that will easily hold the different sizes of bottles with ease.

This high-quality torque tester will easily save 9 sample readings with digital readout. Users can also monitor peak load with digital readout and get highly accurate testing results with the help of this lab testing instrument. The torque meter comes with the provision to hold peak value in the memory. Presto is a leading torque tester manufacturer and provides reliable torque tester price to clients. With its Safety lock pin, users can also eliminate extra torque application on the sample. You can easily buy handheld torque tester by consulting with our experts.

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