Vacuum Leak Tester Digital for PET Bottles

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Vacuum leak tester for PET Bottles is a proficient testing instrument specially designed for evaluating the seal integrity and leak resistance in all type of PET Bottles. It can be used in various industries, wherever the containers are utilized as a medium of transporting manufactured products or used for its storage including food, medicines, beverages etc. The vacuum leak tester by presto is highly standardized to conduct various sort of leak integrity testing and contribute to accurate Quality assurance.










It also complies with various national and international testing standards such as ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D6653, ASTM D3078 and ASTM D5094.

How it works:
The Presto vacuum leak detection system specifically designed for PET bottles is a high-quality machine that consists of a clear acrylic vacuum chamber and system, a control valve, and an indicator gauge. Bottles to be tested are simply placed in the clear acrylic vacuum tank, the lid is closed and vacuum engaged. You can then choose which testing method to use based on your company’s standards and requirements. A complete test can be accomplished in just a matter of seconds with immediate results!

Testing Standards (Methods):
ASTM D 4991-07(2015) – Destructive Leak integrity test by vacuum method for empty rigid containers. Leaks are detected under differential pressure conditions.
ASTM F 2338-09(2013) – Non-destructive Detection of Leaks in Packages by Vacuum Decay Method.
ASTM D6653 - Test methods for determining the effects of high altitude on packaging systems by vacuum method.
ASTM D5094 - Test methods for gross leakage of liquids from containers with threaded or lug-style closures for rigid and semi-rigid containers.
ASTM D3078 - Test Method for Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission.



    • Display: Digital
    • Vacuum adjustable up to – 900 mb (675 mm-Hg.)
    • Chamber made of polished transparent PMMA (very rugged)
    • Least Count: 10 mm Hg
    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Controls: Digital for pressure monitoring and timer
    • Timer: Digital preset up to 999 seconds (Changeable to Hrs:min:sec)
    • Material: Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel
    • 2 stage vacuum and holding time setting
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of the measure
    • Delivered with vacuum generator
    • Customized Box with dimensions upon request
    • Finish: Powder coated Havel Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish


    • Microprocessor based timer for accuracy and repeatability
    • Meets USP 28 Packaging Practice specification
    • Sample testing through easy vacuum mechanism
    • Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting and Pre-set Timer functions incorporated
    • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs:min:sec
    • Inbuilt Calibration facility
    • Vacuum gauge for easy pressure monitoring



Whether it is a glass bottle or a PET bottle or a plastics bottle, it has been very difficult to test the leakage in the bottles until we found the vacuum leak tester by Presto. It has allowed us to test the leakage in the bottles with high accuracy and helped us ensuring the best quality of bottles to the customers.

— Vishwajeet Nayak

With this one instrument, you can perform several standards. the design is such that it allows various test methods for leak test in the same chamber. This way I can satisfy my distinct clients with their choice of standard method.

— Kamlesh Shankar

Dealing into PET bottle production for customers across the borders. International customers often demand standardized vacuum testing and there comes Presto. We trust the brand for quality control testing.

— Aditya Bhatnagar

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