Vacuum Tester for Plastic Container- Prima series

Vacuum Tester for Plastic Container- Prima series

One of the most essential factors, plastic container manufacturers keep in mind while designing their products is that their products should be intact and free of any vacuum leaks. Testing their products against vacuum leaks will also help them to ensure the leak integrity of their products. A small leak present in the product would lead to problems. Therefore, we at Presto have designed one of the highly advanced lab testing instruments known as the vacuum leak tester for the plastic container-prima series.


The Presto Vacuum Tester is a tabletop device designed to measure the vacuum resistance strength of rigid plastic containers. This device enables an increasing vacuum to be generated inside the container in a controlled way and captures the maximum level of vacuum that the container can withstand before distortion or failure.

This high-quality lab testing instrument consists of a wide mouth and hot fill containers, from the fittings to the stand, the detector utilizes solid working parts to avoid breakage and ensure the highest of standards. Through our more efficient design, our Vacuum Tester has fewer failures and the potential of plastic containers. Presto is a leading vacuum leak tester manufacturer and provides this testing instrument at the best prices.

The plastic container requiring testing is simply placed on the rubber-coated test cone. You can then choose which testing method to use based on your company's standards and requirements. A complete test can be accomplished in just a matter of seconds with immediate results. It comes with fully automatic control to improve repeatability and take data acquisition for the various tests.

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