Wall Thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Baddi

Wall Thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Baddi

Magnamike 8600 is a non-destructive wall thickness gauge used for detecting thickness range of non-ferrous objects. It is a product by Olympus and Presto Group is an authorized dealer of Magnamike in India. Clients can now have Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh too. Presto understand the testing needs of our emerging India and cater in national and international regions.


Measuring wall thickness was earlier a destructive technique in which the layers of a product are cut and teared to precisely measure the thickness of the same. This process being destructive leads to a major loss in products. Compared to this Magnamike 8600 uses a non-destructive thickness measurement process. It has a probe tip and various sizes of target (balls, disc and wire). The measurement is conducted when the hall-effect sensor of probe tip is placed on the external surface of the material and the target on the internal side. When the two meets due to magnetic forces, the distance in between is precisely recorded to be the wall thickness. The gauge can be used for testing glass, plastic, and any non-ferrous material. Ferrous in products can interfere the readings and develop error. Wall thickness Gauge – Magna Mike 8600 can be easily purchased from Baddi and other major location of India. Also we cater in overseas countries fulfilling their testing needs.

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