Wall thickness Gauge - Magna-Mike 8600 in Haridwar

Wall thickness Gauge - Magna-Mike 8600 in Haridwar

The Thickness gauge, is utilized for testing the product wall thickness and is suitable for non-ferrous material. It works using magnetic forces and based on the Hall Effect principle. Get Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for calculating the thickness value of the material with high precision.


The wall thickness of products and materials is a very important factor. Depending upon the thickness, the material functioning quality is based. This particular property is used in many industries and can be tested using the non-destructive method. The wall thickness gauge, Magnamike 8600 can perform rapid and accurate thickness testing for non-ferrous objects. Material like glass, plastic, wood or nonferrous metal and non-metals are suitable for testing. The machine is designed as per international test standards. It is equipped with a huge LCD screen which records and show the test values. Other than this it can generate comparison graphs and can show multiple test data at one screen. It provides a range of testing targets of distinct sizes. The targets can be a ball, wire or disc. This allows for easy and flexibility testing. Now you can get Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Haridwar for evaluating wall thickness values at a faster rate.

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