Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Mumbai

Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Mumbai

Magna Mike 8600 is renowned equipment designed by Olympus and supplied by Presto in all over India. It is used to conduct the wall thickness measurement of non-ferrous products. The measurements are recorded using a hall-effect sensor and with the help of probe and target ball. Access Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Mumbai, Maharashtra for testing wall thickness of all kind of non-ferrous objects.


Measuring the wall thickness of products, material or components is a very complicated system and requires a precision based calculation. Non-ferrous objects like plastic and glass are often used as an important part of huge machinery or products like in aerospace, packaging, and automotive industry. The wall thickness measurements are taken using Magnamike 8600. The device is equipped with a huge LCD screen which instantly records thickness readings. It is designed as per a highly integrated software program. The measuring probe head is also offered in varieties and also the target can be used as ball, disc or wire. The measuring process can be initiated by placing any type of target inside the specimen depending upon the product. Then bring the probe near the external surface and the other side of the target. The distance between the target and the probe is measured using the magnetic interaction and it will be the accurate value for thickness. Purchase Wall thickness Gauge – Magna Mike 8600 in Mumbai and get the ideal testing solution on your doorsteps.

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