Standard Specification for Tensile Testing Machine for textiles

The standard test method explains the properties or specifications of the tensile testing machine to determine the force elongation properties of textile materials. This standard helps to evaluate various specifications of different tensile machines like the constant rate of extension, constant rate of traverse and constant rate of loading. As per the procedure, mentioned in the standard, one can easily verify the calibration of the testing machines. Especially when moved from one place to another to ensure that they fulfill the tolerance. The motor-driven tensile machine is preferred over hand-operated tensile machines. A constant rate of traverse will not be preferred, to measure the force below fifty times from their resolution. The machines are equipped with a measuring instrument to measure the effect. Clamping and holding are not supported by this method. Minimum allowable error, indicated force, moving clamps, recorded elongation and nominal gage length must be within the tolerance as mentioned in the standard. Also, the verification procedure for recording elongation and clamp displacement must adhere to the test method as described in the standard.