Industrial quality testing is an integral part of manufacturing. There are many different types of tests that are conducted in industries for best quality assurance of the products. In order to get stable and consistent test results, it is essential for the industries to use the testing instruments that are prescribed for a particular type of testing procedure. These testing procedures include tearing strength test, compression test, flexural tests, corrosion test, environmental ageing tests, etc.

Presto Stantest is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality testing instruments and offers a broad range of equipment for industries to reliable and precise testing procedures according to the tests required in the industry. These tests include peel strength testers, seal testers, abrasion testers, corrosive strength testers and so forth. The testing instruments offered by Presto are designed and manufactured by a team of highly skilled technocrats. The raw material and manufacturing process that is used in the synthesis of the instruments is of best quality for a long and stable service life. Additionally, all the equipment strictly comply with all the national as well as international standards. Apart from the standard range of equipment, presto also offers customized models of testing equipment for client according to their specific needs for size, capacity, and strength. These instruments can be applied in a variety of production verticals according to the testing procedure required to be conducted on the products and materials for best quality assurance. Check the above-given range of quality testing instruments offered by Presto.