3 simple steps to prepare a sample for the COF test

3 simple steps to prepare a sample for the COF test

When two surfaces come into contact and slide against one another, a variety of microscopic interactions will occur between them that may result in friction and wear. These interactions can cause a variety of problems in the plastics sector throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes.

Friction can cause damage to the plastic materials, making them more brittle and less able to withstand the stresses of shipping and handling. In addition, friction can also generate heat, which can lead to warping and deformation of the plastic parts. Thus, testing the friction of packaging films is of utmost importance to make sure that your packaging material will not slide against each other easily. This will help to protect the package during shipping, storage, or transportation. We at Presto have come up with one of the efficient testing instruments known as the coefficient of friction tester which is helpful in testing the sliding friction of plastic films and sheets. Here we will discuss how you can easily conduct the sliding friction test for packaging materials by preparing the sample accurately. But first, let’s focus on the use of Presto co-efficient of friction testing instrument in the packaging industry. So, let us get started!

Easily evaluate the sliding friction of packaging films with Presto COF tester

When it comes to packaging products, it is important to be aware of the static and dynamic friction of the materials being used. By understanding how these forces work, you can take steps to reduce the risk of damage to your products during shipping and handling. Static friction is the force that resists the initial motion of an object. This force becomes increasingly strong as the object will move faster. On the other hand, dynamic friction is the force that resists the motion of an object once it is already in motion. This force decreases as the object moves faster. By testing for static and dynamic friction, you can find the optimal packaging material for your products. Thus, you can easily make use of Presto Static and dynamic friction tester to get highly accurate results for co-efficient of friction test. 
By understanding friction, you can take control of your packaging and ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination. You can easily assess the friction of rolls with the use of Presto co-efficient of friction tester.
Presto kinetic friction tester is a steady device that shows the beginning and sliding contact of plastic sheets and films. You can even control the frictional properties of packaging films with the use of Presto co-efficient of friction tester. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this lab testing instrument

Features of Presto co-efficient of friction tester digital model

Presto's Co-efficient of Friction Tester - Digital is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that helps users measure the stackability of plastic films.
The COF tester is manufactured in strict accordance with national and international standards, and over the years it has become known as a reliable way to measure packaging films' stackability. This tester is easy to use and gives accurate readings, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs to measure stackability. Below we have listed the most advanced features of this lab testing equipment.
  • Clamps are provided to attach samples to the glass slab.
  • Safety switches are provided at the end surface to stop the motion of the load cell along with the weight.
  • Gives both dynamic and static friction.
  • Speed regulating knob.
  • Digital display for both kinetic and dynamic friction.
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO norms, Calibration Certificate provided traceable to (NABL)
With this advanced set of features, it will be easy for you to measure the static & kinetic friction of materials. Now, let us focus on its technical specifications.

Technical Specifications of Presto co-efficient of friction tester

  • Outer Body Construction: Mild Steel, Powder Coated
  • Sample Mounting Construction: Stainless steel with glass mounting
  • Load Cell Capacity: 5Kgf
  • Motor: Single phase, ¼ H.P
  • Display for load: Dual Display: Digital and Computerized
  • Block: Weight, Dimension, Thickness: 200gm, 63.5 x 63.5 mm, As per Load
  • Speed: 150±30mm/min
  • Standards: ASTM D1894, ASTM D202, ASTM D4918, ISO 8295 and TAPPI T815
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase Power Supply
  • Safety: Limit Switch
  • Weight of slide Clamp: 200g
  • Accuracy: 2.5%
  • Least Count: 1g
By using this lab testing equipment you will be able to ensure that quality films will be delivered to your customers. We at Presto are considered to be the leading manufacturers of COF testers in India. Whenever you conduct the COF test, then you need to prepare the sample first. Thus, we have accumulated 3 easy ways through which you can easily prepare the sample for the friction test.

Simple and easy to follow steps to prepare a sample for the COF test

The coefficient of friction tester is an accurate lab testing instrument that can be used to determine the stackability of plastic films. The tester works by measuring the force required to slide one film over another. By knowing the coefficient of friction, you can determine how well two films will interact with each other. This information is useful in a variety of applications, such as packaging and printing. The tester is easy to use and provides accurate results. With the help of this instrument, you can ensure that your plastic films will stack correctly and perform as expected.
Whenever you conduct COF tests then you need to prepare the sample first. You can easily do this by following the steps mentioned below.
  • Take the plastic sheet as a sample and cut it with the dimensions of 53x15x1 mm.
  • Place the sample over a glass sheet.
  • The glass sheet will provide full support to the specimen.
In this way, you can accurately prepare the specimen for performing the COF test. By testing the friction value of packaging films, you can easily improve your product quality. If you need more information like friction tester price or want to conduct a FREE Sample testing session, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will easily consult you regarding all your queries.


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