4 Easy Steps to Clean Oxygen Analyzer Sampling Probe

4 Easy Steps to Clean Oxygen Analyzer Sampling Probe

Zirconia oxygen analyzer is one of the amazing testing equipment designed to detect the oxygen concentration in the materials like food packages, medicines etc. This laboratory testing equipment from Toray has been designed with a solid-state battery system (oxygen concentration cell) using a Zirconia solid-state electrolyte cell. This LC-450F Zirconia Analyzer utilizes the fact that the EMF (ElectroMotive Force) in the high-temperature state varies in proportion to only the temperature, and the logarithm of the oxygen partial pressure ratio between the electrodes. This system has the feature that oxygen concentration can be measured at high precision, with a rapid response speed.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with information about how you can easily clean the sampling probe for the oxygen analyzer. But, before that, let’s see how this amazing testing equipment will help you to easily analyze your package oxygen levels so that you can improve its quality. So, let us get started!

How Zirconia oxygen analyzer will help to test oxygen content in the package?

In the manufacturing industries like food and pharmaceuticals, it is very important for manufacturers to maintain the quality of packages by keeping a check on oxygen concentrations. In this case, there is no best testing instrument other than Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer. It has solid-state electrolyte cells made with a special manufacturing technique is used for the oxygen sensor, and thus it is possible to measure oxygen concentration with high precision. The principle of operation and structure is simple, and the unit is compact, so handling is easy.

This testing instrument has been compliant with the RoHS directive and is more environment-friendly than a conventional oxygen analyzer by reducing power consumption.

This fast and accurate testing instrument has been embedded with quality control features that detect the oxygen level concentration in your package. Here we have listed the features as well as technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of oxygen analyzer-Toray

This laboratory testing equipment comes with a sticking pen-like sampling probe that will easily help to maintain the seal of the package. This highly advanced oxygen analyzer from Toray has been equipped with several advanced features that make it easy for you to determine your product quality.  Now, let us focus on its features below.

  • You can easily perform one action measurement.
  • Comes with the latest sampling probe that helps in easy operation by sticking only.
  • You can measure a small number of samples as well.
  • The toray highly sensitive and advanced compact sensor has been used.
  • Clean appearance and sanitary design made with stainless steel and white panel.
  • It has been compliant with RoHS and low power consumption.
  • Environmental conscious design

These are the features you will get with the Zirconia oxygen analyzer. Now, let us focus on its technical specifications.

Technical specifications of Zirconia oxygen analyzer

  • Measurement Method: Zirconia Type
  • Shape: Portable shape
  • Display method: Digital, 4 digits
  • Measurement range: Auto range, 0-1%, 0-10% and 0-100%.
  • Warming time: Within 5 minutes
  • Repeatability: ±1% F.S
  • Sampling Method: Suction by Pump
  • Sample gas: 3ml/injection
  • Transmission output: Compliance with RS-232C
  • Weight: Approx. 4kg
  • Power source: AC 100-240V
  • Max electric power consumption: 50 VA (Constant: 30 VA)

Now, let us focus on the steps to maintain an oxygen analyzer sampling probe.

How to clean and maintain an oxygen analyzer sampling probe?

When the sample gas is measured repeatedly, the sampling needle may get contaminated because the adhesive agent of the adhesive rubber plate attaches to the sampling needle. Clean the sampling needle periodically. Here we have listed some easy to follow steps to clean the sampling probe.

  • Power supply shutoff: Turn OFF the power supply switch of the oxygen analyzer.
  • Removal of the cover and cap: Release locking of the cover and cap by turning them mutually until you hear the “click” sound and then remove the cap.
  • Cleaning: Remove dirt attaching around the needle hole with a dry cloth. If dirt cannot be removed, replace the sampling needle.
  • Reassembling: Insert the sampling needle to the centre of the cover hole, assemble by fitting the cover prong to the notch of the cap and then engage locking by turning them until you hear the “click” sound.

In this way, you can maintain the oxygen analyzer sampling probe. You can also read about the precautions to be taken for using Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer. This will help you to use this testing instrument with ease. We hope that this blog has guided you well regarding the maintenance and cleaning of the Zirconia oxygen analyzer sampling probe. You can easily give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com for all your queries. Our technical experts will assist you in the best possible way.


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