5 Factors to Be Considered While Choosing a Muffle Furnace

5 Factors to Be Considered While Choosing a Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace or heating furnace will help you to determine the percentage of ash content present in a particular product. This laboratory testing instrument will offer vital insights into the properties of materials. You can easily perform the tests from a muffle furnace on materials that require a high amount of heat. This type of lab testing instrument can be used in various industries for performing quality tests on different materials. Thus, whether you are a research and analysis laboratory for materials or need to improve your product quality, you can also use our lab testing instruments. Here we are going to highlight brief information about muffle furnaces and important factors you should consider while choosing this amazing testing machine.

What is a muffle furnace and for what purpose it can be used?

With a wide range of laboratory testing instruments, we at Presto has come up with one of the best-selling instrument known as the muffle furnace. This testing instrument has been specially designed as per various industrial standards and can provide important insights into the properties of the testing specimen. A muffle furnace is an oven-type equipment that can reach high temperatures. The use of a muffle furnace is to burn off specific types of compounds. For instance, for a standard determination of the number of inorganic components within an object, a muffle furnace can be used to burn off all the organic material (which is roughly said always < 500°C).

The main purpose of using this economical testing instrument is to auto-ignite the organic material, due to high temperatures.You can easily test polymer ash content with the help of this testing instrument. There are many features you will get with the help of this laboratory testing instrument. We have created a list of its features below.

Features of Presto muffle furnace

The Presto muffle furnace will host different kind of features with user-friendly controls that makes it easy for quality analysts to determine the product quality. Thus, we are considered to be one of the best muffle furnace manufacturers in India. With its high-end features, you will be able to take benefit of this testing instrument in determining your product quality. So, read the list of features below.

  • High heating capacity from ambient to 11500 C.
  • Uniform circulation of heat within the chamber.
  • Advanced PID controller for effective temperature control.
  • Auto tuning function provided with PID controller.
  • Stainless steel inner body with corrosion resistance.
  • Available in different capacities as per client’s requirements.
  • Insulation within the walls is provided with imported glass wool

These are some amazing features you will get with the muffle furnace digital model from Presto Testing Instruments. Now, let us discuss the technical specifications.

Technical Specifications of Muffle Furnace

  • Inner Chamber Sizes Available (Other Sizes on request):
  1. 4*4*9 inch
  2. 5*5*10 inch
  3. 6*6*12 inch
  • Display: Graphical LCD (Digital)/LED
  • Accuracy: ± 5ºC
  • Least Count/Resolution: 1ºC
  • Sensor: J-type/K-type as per selection of range
  • Power: 20A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Timer Range: Up to 999 hrs.
  • Temperature Range:
  1. Ambient - 900ºC
  2. Ambient - 1200ºC
  3. Ambient - 1400ºC
  • Selectable as per requirement. Other sizes are available on request.

These are the technical specifications of the Presto muffle furnace digital model. You can also read about the features, and technical specifications of the muffle furnace digital computerized model.

Factors to be taken care of while selecting muffle furnace

Choosing a laboratory testing instrument like a muffle furnace requires full attention and knowledge about it. Therefore, to ease this lab testing instrument choosing process, we have come up with a list of factors that you should take care of while selecting the muffle furnace.

  • The first and foremost factor that should be considered is to select the purpose of using this testing instrument. There are various applications of muffle furnaces in various industries, but setting the temperature for different specimens is essential to know. Therefore, you must know and categorize the application of choosing a muffle furnace. In case you are clueless about it, then you will not get accurate results.
  • Whenever you select any model of muffle furnace from us, you should get the classifications of available space for keeping this testing instrument. There comes the possibility that space is not enough to keep this lab testing equipment. In this case, you can consult with our experts to get the right assistance.  
  • Always be prepared about the dimensions of this testing instrument. To keep ahead of the game, you must test your specimen in the right dimensional muffle furnace. If you need to enquire about the dimensions of this testing instrument, then you can directly call us at +91 9210903903.
  • The temperature control factor plays a vital role in selecting the right muffle furnace. Therefore, you should consult with the muffle furnace manufacturers about the temperature control settings for a different type of specimen.
  • Having safety features in your lab testing instrument will assure you to take quality tests hassle-free. Thus, you should consult with our experts to know about the safety features of the Presto muffle furnace.

These are some of the important factors that you should consider while selecting a muffle furnace. You can also get information about Wood / Laminates Testing Instruments. To know about the Presto muffle furnace price for different models, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will surely assist you with your queries.

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