Analyze The Defects In Preforms Under Polarized Light With Polariscope

Analyze The Defects In Preforms Under Polarized Light With Polariscope

PET Bottles are widely used in packaging industries to fulfill the requirement of packaging different types of products. PET bottle is the primary and best medium which is considered in the Packaging industries as it has outstanding properties. The PET bottles are safer, stronger and economical product. Moreover, they are available in different shapes and sizes which help the manufacturers in the successful branding of their products. The products that are usually packed in the PET bottles include food beverages, medicines, chemicals and many more. High-quality of PET bottles is needed for these products to maintain the quality of these products until it reaches its final destination.

The manufacturers of PET products need to test the quality of their products before offering the products to the final customers. To test the excellence of the end product, it is necessary to test the quality from the initial stage of production. PET bottles are prepared with the preforms after the process of blow molding. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the preforms to provide the best quality to the PET bottles.


Polariscope Strain Viewer – Best Device to analyze the defects in Preforms

Polariscope Strain Viewer is the major testing instrument which is used in PET and Preform industries to detect the defects in the quality of the preforms such as air bubble, water flash marks, crystallization, strain distribution and many more. With the help of this testing device, the manufacturer can easily analyze the defects in the quality of the preforms and can remove the defective pieces to avoid rejections. The instrument helps to analyze the sample under polarized light. These defects can be studied with the help of the Preform Defect Chart.

What is Preform Defect Chart?

Preform Defect Chart is the best medium of reference which is used in PET & Preform industries to study the type of defect in Preform. The chart explains different types if defects that are usually found in preforms. These defects are analyzed on the basis of temperature, color, material distribution and many more. Every PET product manufacturing industry requires this reference chart to ensure that the preform they are using is free from flaws and defects and to compare the quality of the material from the standard material. It is an excellent chart that comprises of all standard values that explains the properties and quality of the Preforms.

For the testing laboratories of PET & Preform industries, the Preform defect chart is viewed after analyzing the product under polarized light using Polariscope.

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