Polariscope Strain Viewer - Deluxe

Presto provides the Polariscope, an exceptionally effective strain viewer designed to assist manufacturers in testing the quality and transparency of their products, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality assurance for customers. The Polariscope operates on the principle that variations in refractive index indicate differing strain distributions, resulting in reduced material transparency.
Registered Design Patent No. 252609


Polariscope, a highly efficient strain viewer that helps the manufacturers in testing the quality and transparency of the products so that best quality assurance could be ensured to the customers. The working of the  Polariscope is based on the principle that any change in refractive index is due to different strain distribution and this leads to lower transparency of the material. The testing instrument offered by Polariscope comes in variety of sizes and specifications according to the requirements of the clients 

Photoelasticity is a significant phenomenon observed in PET, preforms, and glass products. It refers to the alteration in the material's refractive index due to non-uniform strain distribution. Photoelasticity poses a considerable challenge for manufacturers of PET and glass items as it represents a notable flaw in product



offers two models of Polariscope that are Polariscope Dx and Polariscope computerized. The instruments are manufactured with best quality of materials to provide an extended service life and accurate testing procedures. The testing instrument is provided protection from corrosion and rust with Zinc and chrome plating and has been given a smooth and attractive finish in grey and blue color. The instrument is also provided with an instruction manuals and a conformance certificate that can be traced to any of the NABL approved laboratories.

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