What are the Applications of Moisture Meters in Packaging?

Moisture Meters in Packaging
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Moisture plays an efficient role in determining the quality and integrity of materials. From bulk corrugated packaging to bulk solids, the moisture meter plays an important role in determining the accuracy and strength of packaging material. By determining the moisture content present in the materials manufacturers can easily and accurately prevent the damage caused. Presto is a leading moisture meter manufacturer and designs this high-quality testing equipment for determining the effect of moisture present in the materials. 

You can conveniently procure this moisture testing instrument from reputable suppliers like us. We've meticulously crafted this device with your specific moisture testing requirements in mind. The Presto Group boasts an array of cutting-edge features, making it the premier choice for accurately determining moisture content in your products. 

Presto is a leading provider of moisture meters for corrugated boxes and designs this quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices. In this blog, we will discuss brief information about the applications of moisture meters in packaging. 

Understanding the Concept of Moisture and its Impact on Packaging

Moisture will influence the quality of the product and significantly impact the shelf life of the product. Thus, it is essential to understand the quality of the material by appropriately testing the moisture content of the material. 

Moisture will denote the quality of water molecules that are suspended in the atmosphere and within the substance. When molecules interact with the moisture-rich air they absorb in a portion.

The moisture content that will be present in the packaging material will be based on the relative humidity of the material and with accurate material composition. Exceeding certain moisture will deteriorate the product quality and can even lead to compromised structural integrity. 

Thus, it is important for you to test the amount of moisture content present in the materials. This paper moisture meter will measure the amount of moisture present in the materials and ensure accuracy in testing results.

Presto Group offers the best moisture meter price to the customers along with after-sales support. Now, let us discuss some challenges solved by moisture meters in the packaging industry.

Common Challenges Solved by Using a Moisture Meter for Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes being one of the highly used testing instruments in the packaging industry should undergo moisture testing to ensure the durability of materials and help them protect the contents inside it. 

When these boxes are exposed to an external environment then the moisture content present in the air will affect the quality of these boxes. Thus, by testing the moisture present in the boxes with the help of a paper moisture meter, manufacturers can easily ensure the quality of products. 

Below we have listed the common challenges that will occur due to high moisture content in the corrugated boxes. 

  • Decreased structural integrity of boxes: This is one of the common problems that will occur in the material due to excessive moisture content present in it. This will lead to the deformation and crushing of material and even the collapse of the boxes during rough handling and transportation. By utilizing moisture meter tests facilitated by a moisture analyzer, paper and packaging manufacturers can confidently verify the quality of their delivered products. The moisture meter designed for corrugated boxes incorporates cutting-edge features, simplifying the quality testing process for manufacturers.
  • Customer complaints and returns: Products with high moisture content are prone to get damaged easily. Thus, by testing the moisture, manufacturers can easily reduce product damage and customer complaints. 
  • Product Spoilage: The Presto Group moisture meter will help to prevent the product spoilage of the products. You can prevent the impact of poor quality of the product by effectively testing the moisture content. 

These are some common challenges faced by paper and packaging manufacturers and help them ensure the quality of paper. Now, let us discuss the applications of moisture meters in the packaging.

Applications of Using Moisture Meter in Packaging

The moisture analyzer will be used in the packaging industry and easily perform moisture measurements to ensure different materials are being tested accurately. 

Below we have listed the top applications of using moisture meters in packaging.

  • Performing quality control: A moisture analyzer helps to ensure the quality of packaging materials by measuring the moisture present in the products effectively. This will help to maintain the consistency of materials and meet the industry standards. 
  • Product Integrity: Monitoring moisture levels present in the products will help in ensuring product integrity such as product spoilage and degradation due to excess moisture content present in it. 
  • Ensuring compliance as per industry standards: A moisture meter will be used in R& D to study the effect of moisture for developing innovative solutions for moisture control and management. 

These are some of the applications of moisture meters in packaging. You can choose the perfect moisture meter for corrugated boxes and get your product tested. 

Different Modes Available in Moisture Meter to Ensure Reliable Test Results

Presto moisture meter has been designed ergonomically and can be operated easily for testing the moisture content present in the paper. This testing instrument will be capable of detecting the moisture levels accurately. With the help of the Presto Group moisture meter, manufacturers can easily track the moisture content and ensure accuracy in test results.

Additionally, pressing the MODE button provides access to various modes, including viewing average readings. When activated, this mode displays average readings, total readings, as well as the highest and lowest readings obtained. (Note: Maximum 100 readings can be stored for each paper type.)

In this mode, users can select the paper type by pressing the "Enter" key to view the current selection. Utilizing the "UP" key allows for scrolling through the available paper types, and pressing "Enter" confirms the selection. The digital moisture meter offers three main paper selection modes:

a) Paper (4.7-18.2%)

b) User Calibration (8-100%)

c) Baled Scrap Paper (6-40%)

These modes cater to different moisture measurement requirements. Now, let's delve into the features and technical specifications of this handheld moisture meter lab testing equipment. If you need more information about this quality testing equipment then you can give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com


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