Ascertain Material Reactions against humidity by testing with the Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber
  • Gaurav Malhotra

In the production of a full-fledged machine like electrical appliances, automobiles, aeronautical instruments, etc. a lot of materials are required like plastics, metals, rubbers, and other materials that help in the functioning of these devices.

To ensure a high-quality product, it becomes vital for manufacturers to perform rigorous testing on each & every material utilized and be aware of the properties of these materials as well as the reactions of those properties before installing them into the final product as these instruments are exposed to the environment for longer durations that makes them highly prone to certain evils like corrosion, rusting, accidents, etc.

To ensure that these materials are safeguarded against such aspects, it is crucial to perform tests. One of the most important aspects is to measure the rust resistance of materials as they are exposed to the environment for the longest time.

For example, you might have observed that the tools of a plumber are mostly rusted as they are exposed to the environment as well as work in dampening and humid conditions which involves water, hence they catch rusting with a fair amount of ease as compared to others. Although there are numerous measures that are undertaken by manufacturers in order to prevent rusting & corrosion like layering with powder paints, anti-corrosive layerings, etc.

To evaluate the materials' corrosion resistance before installing them into the production of the final product, manufacturers measure them by imitating a humid environment that invites corrosion around the specimen inside a testing chamber called the humidity chamber. The lab testing instrument is designed by the finest manufacturers within the country – The Presto Group.

The instrument has revolutionized the usage of materials and has provided a sense of quality assurance across product ranges due to the provision of quality & durability of materials. As a manufacturer, it is highly necessary to understand how the instrument operates to serve maximum accuracy & precise test results with such consistency.

Operating Process of the Humidity Chamber

The humidity chamber manufacturer has designed the instrument to expedite the testing process of determining the reactions of materials against humid climatic conditions controlled artificially. The instrument is used across the globe as it is one of the finest simulators ever made or designed by a company.

To initiate the testing process with the humidity chamber, the operator has to place the specimen inside the instrument and lock it with the pre-installed door locks in order to cut any intervention of the external climate inside the testing chamber as it might hamper the obtained test results by disrupting the artificial environment developed inside and insulated with the help of glass wool integration.

Once the specimen is placed and the dual-layered door is firmly closed, the operator can adjust the temperature, air circulation, humidity levels, and testing time with the help of the control panel associated with the instrument. The control panel has a toggle switch to turn the instrument on/ off, a toggle switch for the functioning of the aerodynamically designed, German-made fan, and feather touch controls for the adjustment of the temperature as well as the time of testing. The time & temperature are indicated on the digital displays, allowing the operator to record & keep track of the testing without any hassle at all.  

The air temperature is increased because of the SSR-based heaters integrated within the walls of the testing chambers, the air circulation is measured with the help of the aerodynamically designed & integrated fan for circulation, the testing time is controlled by the preset timer, and the humidity levels are operated by the reservoir tank that carries the demineralized water and transports it into the testing chamber with the help of the dedicated PU pipe connected with an inlet port.

The operator lets the temperature humidity chamber condition the specimen as per the designated time mentioned in the ASTM standard guidelines to comply with the same and enhance the quality standards to a greater extent without any hassle.

This is how the humidity chamber conducts the test with absolute ease & facile and allows the operator to take the specimen out and assess the reactions that are possessed by the specimen after undergoing extremely humid conditions inside the testing chamber.

Since the instrument is equipped with so many parts that play a different & vital role along with top-notch features & attributes and also contributes to so many industries with variable applications that spark curiosity among manufacturers, leading questions & confusion are a must to be cleared.

Q&A regarding the Humidity Chamber

Ques. What are the important aspects of calibrating a temperature humidity chamber?

Ans. The instrument is offered with an exclusive calibration system that checks the humidity readings, and working of both heaters as well as coolers, assesses the reservoir tank, evaluates the insulation by checking the cracks in the glass wool (if any), and performs thorough cleaning of the instrument. For a detailed understanding of the instrument, feel free to browse our website.

Ques. What are the key pointers that every humidity chamber must have?

Ans. It is highly necessary to make sure that a humidity chamber has all the necessary specifications that will help the operator align with the guidelines of the designated standards. It is also vital to analyze the quality of the instrument by checking the material used and another important factor is to test its insulation as leakages in the insulation of the instrument can result in inaccuracy.

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