Top 3 Things to Remember While Selecting Humidity Chamber

Top 3 Things to Remember While Selecting Humidity Chamber

Product quality is a difficult issue all over the world, and consumers are becoming more focused when it comes to product quality. Other visual features, such as physical attributes, chemical properties, product texture, the influence of ambient conditions on the product, and so on, are also taken into account. Thus, we at Presto have come up with one of the highest quality lab testing instruments known as a humidity chamberThis amazing environmental test chamber will easily create multiple environments namely temperature, as well as humidity conditions, that will help you to assess the physical change in the materials.

The humidity chamber testing instrument isn't limited to a single industry's use. It is used for quality assurance testing in the pharmaceutical, plastic, and rubber sectors. Here we will discuss how the Presto humidity chamber is useful in determining the change in physical characteristics of the materials. We will also discuss the top 5 things that you should remember while selecting the humidity chamber for your testing laboratory.

Test the physical characteristics of materials with a humidity chamber

Temperature and humidity testing aid in determining component behavior in different testing circumstances and surroundings that include a changing environment, high temperatures, and varying relative humidity. This test can be carried out in a static condition with constant temperature and humidity, or in a dynamic state with moisture employed to cause component or material breakdown.

The Humidity Chamber prima from Presto Testing Instruments allows you to control relative humidity and temperature. The conditioned atmosphere is kept at a certain dew point temperature before being warmed to the desired air temperature. This strategy is based on the fact that keeping a steady set point and temperature results in a fairly consistent relative humidity.

The Presto humidity chamber will not differentiate between humidifying and dehumidifying; it's always warming and establishing a predetermined value. Excess moisture condenses out and dehumidifies the controlled air if the conditioned air has greater moisture content than the set point.

Conversely, if the conditioned air has lower moisture content than the setpoint, moisture evaporates and humidifies the control air. The temperature of the water is automatically adjusted by the feedback from a high-grade RH sensor in the controlled space.

If the setpoint is lower than the actual condition, the temperature of the water will gradually decrease until the RH set point is achieved. On the other hand, when the relative humidity setpoint is above the actual condition, the water temperature is incrementally increased until the RH set point is achieved.

There are many features you will get with a humidity chamber. Let’s discuss the features and technical specifications of the humidity chamber below.

Features of humidity chamber prima (touch screen)

The humidity/Conditioning chamber maintains testing samples at a particular temperature and humidity level. The environmental conditions play a crucial role in affecting both the physical and chemical properties of materials. Below we have listed the features of this lab testing instrument.

  • Inbuilt Auto tuning function
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Equipped with rapid air circulation
  • German imported fan for uniform and
  • Homogenous heating, cooling,
  • Humidity, de-humidity inside the Chamber
  • Inbuilt Calibration feature
  • Auto-stop feature to stop the machine at a Set time

Technical Specifications of Humidity chamber prima (touch screen)

  • Inside Dimension : 455 x 455 x 710 mm
  • Display: HMI Based Touch Screen
  • Accuracy Temperature: ± 2ºC / Humidity ± 5%
  • Least Count/Resolution Temp / Humidity : 0.1ºC / 1 %
  • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Temperature Range : 15ºC to 60ºC
  • Humidity Range: up to 95%RH
  • Timer: 9999 Hr
  • No. of Sample racks: 2
  • Wet Heater: 1 kW, 1 no.
  • Dry Heater: 500 Watt, 1 no.
  • Temperature Sensor: 1 (PT-100)
  • Humidity Sensor: 1 (RH)
  • Movement: Castor Wheels
  • Material: Exterior and Interior Stainless Steel Finish Stain Steel matt finish for corrosion resistance
  • Water Level Low: Alarm output

With these features and technical specifications of the humidity chamber, you will be able to create a user control environment for the specimen to get tested. You can easily take a humidity chamber test with the help of this lab testing equipment.

Now, let us focus on the top 5 things to consider while selecting the right humidity chamber.

Things to be considered while selecting the right humidity chamber

The humidity chamber or conditioning chamber from Presto is one of the widely used testing equipment in various industries. From automotive testing to cosmetic industries, the manufacturers make use of these humidity chambers to test the quality of their products.

This laboratory testing equipment plays a vital role in assessing the physical and chemical properties of certain materials. Below we have created a list of things to consider while you step out to buy a humidity chamber. 

  • The first and foremost thing, you should consider while selecting the humidity chamber is its functionality while testing the specimen. This lab testing equipment is very easy to use and follows a proven technique that maintains a constant setpoint and temperature will produce a very constant relative humidity.
  • Another most important aspect you should consider while selecting the right humidity test chamber is the size range available. We at Presto will provide you with humidity chambers of different dimensions so that you can easily test the specimen according to your needs.
  • Third but not least you should go with standardized testing equipment. The criteria for chamber testing differ depending on the kind of chamber. This is due to the fact that they service a variety of sectors and have industry-specific requirements. We at Presto will provide you with the standardized testing equipment that has been designed as per industry standards like ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, and BS950 Part-1(D65).

With these tips, you can easily select the best quality humidity test chamber for your testing laboratory. If you have already purchased this lab testing instrument, then you can easily follow some steps to maintain this equipment effectively. To know more about humidity chamber pricediscounts, or want to have a FREE sample testing session, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will instantly provide you with assistance regarding your queries.

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