Benefits of Box Compression Tester in Corrugated Industry

Benefits of Box Compression Tester in Corrugated Industry

Corrugated boxes are used for packaging, shipping, and storage purposes. They are strong but lightweight making them an appealing choice for handling delicate items. Corrugated boxes can be produced in many sizes to fit your needs. No matter what industry you are in, corrugated boxes have a place in the way you package your products. But what if they get damaged between the shipping and transportation process? It would affect your product inside it as well as your brand reputation. The lifespan of a corrugated box is dependent on the quality of the material it's made out of. Oftentimes, boxes are stored in warehouses where they can be exposed to water or humidity which causes them to deteriorate more quickly than if they were stored at room temperature. Taking appropriate quality tests will ensure that your corrugated box will remain at the top of health.

One of the most important pieces of testing equipment used in the corrugated box industry is the box compression tester. This testing instrument is provided with two different testing platforms that allow the user to perform tests on the test specimen with a wide range of sizes. If you are going to purchase a box compression tester, then we suggest you go with Presto Testing Instruments. They are one of the best testing instruments providers that will help you to improve the quality of your product with ease. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of box compression testers in the corrugated industry. But before that, we will discuss what happens when you do not take box compression tests.

What happens when you do not take box compression tests for corrugated boxes?

In the packaging industry, a corrugated box is one of the most important materials that are used in order to protect fragile products. However, when transporting a large batch of boxes from one place to another, it can be challenging because they're often damaged during the process. Therefore, it is important to choose the right packaging material for your product, quality control during production and before shipment. Box compression tester from Presto is one of the reliable testing instruments that will help you achieve quality in your corrugated boxes. If you do not take box compression tests, then you may suffer from a lot of issues. It includes:

  • When you do not take this test, then you will never get an idea about how strong your corrugated box is. It can lead to potential damage during the shipping and transportation process.
  • The product packaging efficiency can affect product quality. Therefore, when you neglect the packaging quality at the beginning of production, then it may lead to damage to your product. The box compression tester is used to determine your product strength to improve its packaging efficiency.
  • If you do not test your corrugated box compression strength, then you may end up with increased production costs, and unsatisfied customers.
  • The corrugated box has some gaps between the boards. This will result in leakage of products when the box quality is not tested.
  • The most intolerable loss you will face when you do not test the box compression strength of the corrugated box is the product rejections due to poor quality, durability, and weight limit knowledge.

These are some huge losses you will face when you do not make use of box compression testers for your corrugated boxes. Now, let us discuss the benefits of using a box compression tester.

Benefits of using box compression tester for the corrugated industry

The purpose of box compression testers is to test the strength of corrugated boxes. This machine will be able to detect any weaknesses or defects in the corrugated boxes before they ship out. Presto box compression testers are designed in such a way that it provides accurate analysis of the compressive strength of the packaging containers and ensures stronger and better quality packaging containers. The instrument is provided with a digital readout that helps in the accurate reading of the test results. It can also store the peak value of the previous tests that have been performed on the instrument.

Here is the list of several benefits you will get with the Presto box compression tester.

  • The most efficient way to pack materials is by using a compression tester. Boxes that can hold up under pressure will be more convenient for transport and storage purposes, as well as saving you money in the long run. Thus, with the help of the Presto box compression tester, you will be able to provide quality products to your customers.
  • With the help of a box compression tester, you will ensure that whether your products can withstand a buckling load or not.
  • You can also test different factors of the box like deformation, stacking ability, compressive resistance, etc. with the help of a box compression tester.
  • Presto offers certified box compression testers that are made with industry standards like ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. Thus, testing the boxes with this testing machine will help to reduce your product rejections and increase profits.

These are some amazing benefits you will get with Presto box compression testers. You can know more about different models of this testing machine by calling us at +91 9210903903 or emailing us at We'd love to help you get started with quality control on your corrugated boxes by providing all of the information that's relevant.

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