Best Technique To Control The Quality Of The Preforms & Glasses

Best Technique To Control The Quality Of The Preforms & Glasses

PET Products are widely used and most preferred means of packaging which is used in different production verticals to fulfill the packaging requirement of various applications. The PET products that are used in various industries includes, packaging bottles, containers and PET bottles and many more. These products are manufactured by blowing the Preforms via the method of stretch blown process.

How the quality of PET bottles can be examined?

The basic material that is responsible for the quality of the PET products is “Preform” that are converted into the crystal clear bottles and containers to fulfill the requirement of packaging in different industries. The manufacturers in multiple industries only use the best quality of packaging containers to protect the quality of their products from different various environmental and transportation factor. Therefore, the manufacturers in PET industries must use ethical and precise mode of testing techniques to ensure the quality of the products that can maintain the safety and hygiene of the products.

Major Flaw in Preforms – Strain on Material Surface

The major quality flaw in which is found in the Preforms usually is the stress in the material distribution. This strain affects the visibility of the preforms makes it inferior. The stress in the material distribution shows various types of defects in materials such as air bubble, crystallization defects, flash and water marks, etc. To keep such kind of quality defects under control, manufacturers make use of Surface Strain Viewer. It is an extremely effective testing machine, which is used to measure the quality of the Preforms.

Presto Stantest offers the best quality Surface Strain Viewers to test the strain and other defects in the Preforms. The instrument helps to make the bottles crystal clear and offers highly accurate results.

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