Best To Measure Compressive Strength Of Carton Boxes Compression Tester

Best To Measure Compressive Strength Of Carton Boxes Compression Tester

The very first thing which is considered in a product is a packaging that grabs the attention of the customers and saves the quality of the products. If the quality of the packaging is not up to the mark, it can damage the quality of the product and lower the reputation of the company. Hence, testing of carton boxes is necessary for the manufacturers to produce high-quality products and to protect the products from fatal accidents and damages.

At the time of transportation, a large number of corrugated boxes that are placed one above the other that causes boxes to deform or damage due to overload. The accidental damages can be avoided using the best quality of testing machines to judge the compressive strength of carton box. The best testing device that can test the compression strength of cartons and corrugated boxes is Box Compression Tester.

How to find the Compressive Strength of Carton Box?

To perform the test with the box compression tester, place the test sample between the two parallel plates. Now provide the pressure on the boxes that a box can tolerate or until it rupture completely. To perform this procedure, a standard time and pressure are set with the device through the digital control panel which is provided with the instrument. This test method helps to provide sufficient amount of compression forces to compress the test samples that helps the manufacturers to select the acceptable quality of cartons and corrugated boxes and prevents the damages and fatal accidents. To determine the highest strength of boxes, the premium quality of material can be tested and used to pack the products that are used in different industries. The testing process depends on the bend and load analysis that helps to compare the quality of cartons with the standard sample.

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of Box Compression Tester to judge the compressive strength of carton boxes. The testing machine is designed using premium quality of material as per the standards that are provided by reputed authorities. The device offers highly accurate test results.

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