A Preventive Tool To Protect Compression Of Pet Bottles

A Preventive Tool To Protect Compression Of Pet Bottles

Plastic Bottles or PET Bottles are used in different production verticals to justify the requirement of various applications. These bottles face many obstacles at the time of manufacturing process and during storage and transportation like leakage, burst, compression and many more. Therefore, it is must to measure the strength, quality and related properties of the PET bottles. The major problem that occurs with the PET bottles during storage, warehousing of transportation is the compression that compress the bottles from the top due to excessive load on the bottles that are stacked above. Hence, it is necessary to measure the top load strength of the bottles. This can be done efficiently with the help of Bottle Top Load Tester.

Working of Bottle Top Load Tester

To perform the compression strength of the bottles using Bottle Top Load Tester, place a test sample on the device. The instrument will hold the bottle perfectly and guarantees zero slippage. As soon the user presses the start button, required amount of force is applied to the specimen for the specific amount of time to view the compression on the bottle. This test helps to evaluate the maximum top load pressure a bottle can tolerate without deforming the products quality.

Effective Tool to Measure Top Load Strength of Bottles

Presto Stantest offers the best and premium quality of Bottle Top Load Tester. The instrument is used to measure the maximum compression force that a bottle can bear by providing sufficient amount of pressure on the bottles until the bottle is compressed and ruptured. The instrument is designed with best quality of raw material that are specified in the standard that are introduced by reputed and standardization authorities. The test device is easy and safe to operate. The testing machine is assembled using the digital control panel that ensures precise and accurate results. The device is supplied with the user manual, calibration certificates that are perceptible to approved laboratories of NABL.

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