Top Load Tester - Digital

The Top Load Tester gives the compressive buckling load in digital format. This is a fully automatic motorized model. The Digital display of the Digital Top Load Tester is aesthetically appealing and sophisticated.
Registered Design Patent No. 279112


The Top Load Tester is a fully automatic motorized model that provides the compressive buckling load in digital format. Its digital display is not only aesthetically appealing but also sophisticated, offering easy readability. It comes with features like Auto Tare (ZERO) set facility and Peak Hold arrangement.


This advanced generation of the Top Load Tester is fully automatic and motorized, capable of providing digital readings for compressive buckling load. The load sensor can be calibrated in-house for accurate measurements. To ensure secure gripping without slipping, the bottle is placed between the inverted concave jaws. The operator can easily switch off the machine upon observing buckling in the PET bottle.


Designed specifically for determining the load-bearing capacity of PET containers under extreme top loads, the Top Load Tester accurately measures the maximum load a PET container can withstand without deformation or failure.



• For compressive buckling load in digital format in PET bottle manufacturing plant

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