Check Crack Resistance of Footwear Soles with Bennwert Flex Tester

Check Crack Resistance of Footwear Soles with Bennwert Flex Tester

During the entire life cycle, footwears go through continuous flexural cracking and fracture. The Tension produced on the soles result in these cracks and fracture. Extreme pollution (with the presence of high amount of oil) and temperatures (mainly below zero) also accelerate cracks on the soles. Hence, Keeping in mind the quality of a product, Bennewert Flex Tester is used to enhance the life of a footwear and to check the crack resistance of a rubber product used to manufacture the footwears.

The Bennewart Flex Tester allows to determine the resistance of rubber products to the growth of a cut during repeated flexing. The machine is also known as a Rubber Flex Tester, mainly used to test the resistance of soles of shoes. The machine is designed for the assessment of entire bottom construction of a shoe that includes insoles and midsoles and is used to comply with testing parameters as specified in various domestic and international standards.

One of the best range of Presto’s rubber testing instruments include Bennewart Flex Tester. The testing equipment comprises of a drive unit which is attached to an electric motor having pulleys and belts with a link mechanism. The machine has two specimen slots to grip the specimen and to test two specimens simultaneously. These machine starts a mechanism to provide an oscillating movement to one grip and another one kept fixed to produce tension on the specimen. The instrument has a user friendly digital panel that helps to operate the machine and to monitor the results. The machine is designed on a heavy metal and sturdy base plate. Moreover, the machine is supplied with some optional accessories like cutting die to cut specimen in standard size and slitting punch with jig for producing cracks.

How Presto’ Bennewart Flex Tester is Different from Others?
  • Angle of flexing up to 90 Degree is provided with the machine.
  • Six test specimens for cut test specimen and two test specimens for full sole and are required to start the test.
  • The machine is equipped with a bending mandrel of diameter 30mm.
  • The Bennewart flexing machine produces 125-150 cycles per minute.
  • The instrument is equipped with an electric motor of half HP which can easily be operated on power supply of 230 volts, single phase.
  • The machine has digital panel with Auto, Tare, Peak, hold facility. It has preset digital counter feature too with memory backup.
  • The testing machine ensures simple and easy to operate operations.
  • It is supplied complete with calibration certificate and Instruction manual.

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