Conduct Paperboard Stiffness Test with High-Quality Stiffness Tester

Conduct Paperboard Stiffness Test with High-Quality Stiffness Tester

Whenever you are going to choose a paper board then determining its stiffness is very important. After the grammage and thickness of the board, the stiffness also plays an important role in determining its quality. If you want to test the stiffness and rigidity of the paper board then we suggest you make use of a stiffness tester designed by skilled experts at Presto. With the help of this testing machine, you will be able to determine the quality of paper by measuring its resistance. The stiffness test can easily help you to determine the economic value of paper.

This perfect testing equipment from Presto Testing Instruments is available at the best prices and eases your work of paper quality testing. Thus, you can easily rely on the testing instruments from Presto to assure the quality of products.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about stiffness testing machines by Presto. We will also discuss how you can easily make use of a stiffness tester to conduct a stiffness test with the help of this machine. So, you can read the blog till the end to get an idea about this testing equipment.

What is a stiffness test and why you should conduct it?

Bending stiffness is considered to be one of the important properties of paper and boards. When it comes to the stiffness of paper then it will be defined as bending moment per unit of width of the specimen that produces curvature. With the help of a stiffness tester, you can easily determine the stiffness distribution in different sections along the blade. You can also take stiffness as the implicit of some force or moment and angle that will affect the specimen.

So, to check the stiffness of paper you must make use of a stiffness tester which will also be helpful to determine its mechanical properties as well. After taking the test, you can improve the stiffness of paper by refining it to increased density and better bonding between fibers.

Thus, in order to conduct this test, you can perform the stiffness with cross-section along with the blades. Also, this test can easily be conducted in both edgewise and flap-wise directions.

How you can easily make use of a stiffness tester to conduct this test?

If you want to make use of a stiffness tester to conduct the test then you can easily do this by following some simple steps. The stiffness of the paper will get influenced by the thickness and basis weight of the sheet. Machine direction can also impact the stiffness value. You can read these steps mentioned below to easily conduct this test. So, let us get started!

  • In the first step, you can mount the specimen on the tester using a clamping system.
  • The lower surface of clamp jaws, located in the pendulum will act as a center of rotation.
  • You should make sure that the stiffness tester and angle of deflection should remain constant while conducting this test.
  • Whenever you start conducting this test, then the load will be applied to the lower end of the specimen irrespective of thickness.
  • Make sure that the jaws will be placed at the center of the specimen. This will help in the easy conduction of this test.

These are some easy-to-follow steps that you can opt for conducting stiffness tests for paper and board. So, with the help of our testing instrument, it will be easy for you to conduct this test.


Paper boards are commonly used in the manufacturing and packaging industry. For instance, there are many types of boxes and paper products used in the shipping and transportation processes. Here in this blog, we have defined a suitable process of using a stiffness tester for paper. This amazing instrument designed by experts at Presto is easy to operate and user-friendly. Now, you can take bending resistance measurements of paper with the help of this testing apparatus. We hope that this blog has given you enough information about the stiffness test conducted by this testing instrument. Consult us and get the best deals on various testing instruments.

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