Detect The Defects In Preforms With Presto's Polariscope Strain Viewer

Detect The Defects In Preforms With Presto's Polariscope Strain Viewer

PET Bottle manufacturers need to test the quality of the bottles before supplying it to final customers. To measure the quality of the end products, it is quite essential to gauge the quality of the products from very first stage of manufacturing i.e. from raw material inspection until the production process ends or reaches the final customers. PET bottles are prepared with preforms after the process of blow molding. Therefore, it is mandatory to measure the quality of the preforms to offer the best quality to PET Bottles.

Polariscope Strain Viewer is used majorly used to detect the defects of preforms such as water flash, air bubble, strain distribution, crystallization and so forth. With the help of this testing machine, the manufacturer can easily measure the reasons of defects on the Preform and can remove the defects to avoid rejections. The testing machine helps to gauge the sample under polarized light.

How to use Presto’s Polariscope?

Access to the lamp house is achieved by removing the front cover which is held in position by four screws. It is important to disconnect the strain viewer from the electricity supply before removing this cover and not to reconnect it before the cover is replaced. Each light source is controlled by its own clearly marked switch and the cooling fan automatically operates when light is switched on.

The only maintenance required is the cleaning at the polarizing filters stage. This should be done by lightly wiping the surfaces with a well-washed cotton cloth.  When a Preform is examined in polarized light, patterns are visible in the material which is caused by molecular orientation/ strain. These patterns are an excellent indication of the quality of the Preform when considered along with other defects which are more clearly visible in the polarized light.

It is important to use a well-made perform. When placing a Preform into a strain viewer its angular positions relative to the Polarizing axis is of significance. To facilitate the correct positioning of the Preforms 90 Degrees to the polarizing axis or at 45 degrees should be provided respectively. For more information visit Polariscope.

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