Determine the Quality of Fabrics with Elmendorf Tear Test

Determine the Quality of Fabrics with Elmendorf Tear Test

Clothes are prone to wear and tear from the minute they are purchased. This happens due to natural elements, man-made chemicals, and human mishandling. Every day, a host of such behaviors cause significant wear and tear on our clothing. Thus, testing the tearing strength of fabrics is of utmost importance to assure the best quality products are delivered to customers. We at Presto Testing Instruments have come up with advanced testing equipment known as tearing strength testerThis is a reliable instrument for determining the tearing strength of textiles, plastic films, and other materials.

In this blog, we will discuss brief information about how Presto tear resistance tester is helpful in evaluating the tear resistance of materials with ease. So, stay connected till the end.

What is the tearing strength of fabrics?

The force that begins to rip a cloth in either the weft or warp direction under certain conditions is defined as the tearing force. A rip in a fabric or garment usually happens in a straight line and might be caused by a moving cloth catching on a sharp item. The tearing strength test plays a significant role in the textile industry to determine the quality of delicate clothing. It will help to make sure that the textile manufacturers deliver quality products to their customers by testing their products against minimal wear and tear.

When a cloth gets hooked by a sharp instrument, the instant tiny puncher is turned into a lengthy rip by exerting a modest amount of effort. It is perhaps considered to be a fabric strength failure. It's especially significant in industrial textiles that are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. (For example, tents, sacks, parachutes, and so forth.) Low tearing strength will be assessed in various applications, such as adhesive tape, bandages, and so on.

Therefore with our Elmendorf tear tester, you will be able to test the impact of force that may cause a tear in the fabric's quality. The tear resistance test, also known as tear strength, is used to determine how well a cloth can survive tearing or cutting when under stress.

This pendulum-type tester has been made in accordance with industrial standards like ASTM D1424-09(2013), ASTM D624 – 00(2012), ASTM D1776, ASTM D689 and helps to measure the tearing energy. The Elmendorf test resembles an impact tearing strength test, also known as a ballistic (pendulum test technique). In this type of test, the results will depict the energy required to tear a specific length of cloth.

How to take tearing strength of fabrics?

A Presto tear strength tester may simply be used to measure the tear strength of textiles. This testing tool is useful not just in the textile sector, but also in other industries. When the ripping force is delivered to the specimen, the test will be conducted under precise conditions. With the aid of this testing equipment, you can quickly analyze the tear resistance of cloth.

If you want to take a tear resistance test with the help of this lab testing instrument then you can start by preparing the sample first.

Once you prepare the testing specimen using Elmendorf tearing strength tester then you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Raise the sector pendulum till it rests against the Release Brake Pin on the left-hand side.
  • Open both the Jaws and insert the test specimen between the Jaws so that it is located centrally in the two Jaws and the bottom edge of the specimen is touching the bottom edge of the jaws.
  • Tighten the Jaws in the same position. When loaded, the specimen should have its longer edges parallel to the top of the Jaws and the widthwise yarns should be exactly perpendicular to the top edge of the jaws.
  • Push the knife holder to make the slit in the test specimen, raising it till the knife goes up to the maximum extent possible.
  • Lower the knife to its initial position.
  • Move the Pointer till it rests against the zero setting block. Press brake release lever to release the sector pendulum.
  • Hold the brake release lever until the tear is completed and release the brake release lever on the return swing.
  • Read the scale to the nearest whole division. If the specimen slips in the grips or if the tear deviates by more than 6mm away from the projection of the original slit, reject the reading.
  • Reject the reading and repeat the test with a fresh specimen by tightening the specimen fully & cleaning the jaws. Repeat the test till at least five specimens of both warp and Weft direction are tested. Reject any reading differing by more than 9% of the mean.

In this way, you can easily conduct the test using Presto tearing strength tester. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto tear strength tester

  • This testing instrument consists of a falling pendulum to cover various measuring ranges
  • High-Quality rugged structure with the corrosion-resistant main body
  • Falling pendulum types instrument
  • Single-handed hassle-free operation
  • Highly accurate test results under multiple pendulum weights
  • Strong gripping fixture for holding test samples
  • Pendulum release mechanism to cover the various measuring range
  • Inbuilt calibration weights

Technical Specifications of Presto tear strength tester

  • The capacity of the Tearing: 1600 g (can be increased to 3200 g or 6400 g by adding augmenting weights
  • Tearing Distance : 43 +/0.15mm
  • Size of Slit: 20mm
  • Reading of Scale : 0 to 100% Range
  • Range of Weights: 1600, 3200, 6400 gms
  • Scale Reading: 0 to 100% of range
  • Accuracy: ± 2% within the entire range.
  • Least count of scale: 1%
  • Pendulum Release Mechanism: Manual through brake release pin
  • Finish: Powder-coated Havel Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome/zinc plating for a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Standards: ASTM D1424 – 09(2013)1, ASTM D624 – 00(2012), ASTM D689.

With these features and technical specifications, you can easily conduct the test using Presto tearing strength testerWe are considered to be the leading tearing strength tester manufacturers in India. To know about this testing equipment price, or want a FREE online demo of this testing instrument then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will surely fulfill all your necessary requirements.

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