Enhance Color Quality of Textiles with CMC

Enhance Color Quality of Textiles with CMC

With the growing awareness of quality among the customers, they have become more alert of the fashion, style, and comfort. The demand for the stylish and elegant fabrics in the market is augmenting day by day due to the increasing consciousness of the consumers towards fashion, brand, and quality goods. In this modern world, there is a huge demand for high-quality textile & fabrics. Therefore, the manufacturers have to focus on the quality of the products that are producing in their premises. Therefore, the manufacturers are focusing on adapting different techniques to evaluate the quality of the products to produce nothing less than best quality.

Problems Occur with Textiles

The major problem that occurs in textile industries is the difference in the appearance of colors in different lights which is also known as Metamerism. This problem is faced by the manufacturers and customers both when they are looking for a particular shade of color. This occurs due to the inferior quality of the fabric. The problem can be solved  by testing the quality of the fabrics and by testing the colors in different light conditions prior to selling the product in markets. This will help the manufacturers to match the appearance of the colors in different light shades.

Solution to Eradicate Metamerism

The testing machine which is used to solve the problem of Metamerism is Colour Matching cabinet. The instrument serves the best sources to view the sample in different light conditions or say actual lights. Once the fabrics pass the color measurement test procedure in different light conditions using color matching cabinets, it will help the manufacturers in assuring that the product they have manufacturers is flawless and will appear same in all types of lights.

Types of Color Matching Cabinets

Manufacturers of testing instruments offer three different types of color matching cabinets as per different color spectrums i.e. USA spectrum, Euro Spectrum and Asia Spectrum. All the models of CMC are provided with a different source of lights as per the light spectrum of that place. Each and every light which is supplied with the testing machine is provided with a different operating switch that helps to operate the lights individually. In this manner, the users can examine the color consistency of the material under different lights. The device is also equipped with hour meter that tells the total time the device is kept in operation.

Lights Fitted in Color Matching Cabinets

There are various lights that are fitted in color matching cabinets such as UL-30, INCAA, TL84, Tungsten Filament, CWF, D65 artificial daylight, etc. The lights help the manufacturers to view the sample in different lights in order to produce high-quality of fabric with same color appearance.

  • D65 light is used to create the natural daylight for examining the fabrics.
  • INCAA is used to examine the fabric in reddish light.
  • UV light is used to view the whiteness of the fabrics.
  • CWF is used create cool daylight with the emission of green light.
  • TL84 is used where there is need of grayish hue and white light.

By using the color matching cabinets easily, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to provide high-quality of fabrics and products that have a uniform appearance in different light conditions. Presto Stantest being a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing machines offer a wide range of color matching cabinets with different light spectrums to test the color quality of fabrics to enhance the quality of production.

Technical specification of Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet USA

Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet- Spectrum USA is designed as per American Buyers along with the highly sophisticated feather touch microprocessor control that makes the working of the device user-friendly. It allows rapid judgment of standard in a highly color-neutral environment.

The device is duly fitted with six different lights as per International Standards:

  • D 65 – Artificial daylight for Average North Sky Daylight
  • UVB Light – Ultra Violet
  • INCA A – Incandescent Light
  • TL 84 Light – Point of Sale
  • UL 30 Light – Ultra Loom 30
  • CWF Light – Cool White Florescent for office light wide band

Key features of Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet USA

  • Controlled and standardized lighting conditions
  • High-quality light sources
  • Easy to manage
  • Wide viewing area
  • Fitted with an automated choke for quick illumination
  • Fitted with individual switches to operate the lights
  • Imported hour totalizer incorporated

To know more about this testing instrument, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our experts will guide you well regarding your queries related to this testing instrument.

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