Evaluate Paper Stiffness Accurately With Presto Stiffness Tester

Evaluate Paper Stiffness Accurately With Presto Stiffness Tester

The stiffness test will be performed on the specimen to check the stiffness distribution across different cross-sections along the blade. You can easily perform the stiffness resistance test with the help of a stiffness tester designed by skilled engineers at Presto. You can check the stiffness of paper and decide the quality and ergonomic value of it with the help of this testing instrument.

If you want to perform the stiffness test for the paper then you need to place the specimen in the tester and mount it using the clamping system. The lower end of the specimen bears the load to get started with the test. Irrespective of how thick the sample is, you need to place the sample in the centre. In this way, you will easily be able to make use of a stiffness tester for paper.

There are various features of using this stiffness testing instrument. You can read all its features mentioned below.

Advance features of using stiffness tester of paper

This testing instrument designed by Presto has been equipped with an advanced set of features. You can easily read about them and get to know how beneficial this instrument is to take stiffness tests. So, let us get started with advanced and comprehensive features.

  • This amazing instrument has a high procession bearing that will be helpful in processing the test easier.
  • This testing machine has two clamps through which you can easily hold the specimen.
  • It has telescopic legs and the main body is made of aluminium and mild steel.
  • It has a combination finish and comes with bright chrome plating.

These are some advanced features you will get while using this testing machine. Another best part is that this testing machine is highly portable and is lightweight. Thus, you can carry it easily and do the test.

You can trust Presto Testing Instruments to determine the quality of materials used in your industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best deal on this testing instrument by emailing us at info@prestogroup.com or calling us at +91-9210 903 903. We will always be available to assist you.

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