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Magna Mike
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The utilization & dependency of consumers on plastic-made products has increased rapidly because of the high-quality products that are being constructed by manufacturers every now & then. The most commonly used plastic products across the world are bottles & containers for the packaging of fluids, perishable, sensitive, and various other materials that must remain intact and insulated from the environment as they might catch up to contamination in the case of exposure to extreme weathering conditions.

Manufacturing a bottle and container is a long & difficult process as the journey of a full-fledged product starts from polymer granules which are melted into preforms and these preforms are converted into the bottles. However, even after rigorous and closely-sighted tests at each & every stage, the scope of errors and unevenness in the final product is always there.

The penultimate goal of a manufacturer is to satisfy the needs & requirements of a customer which can only be achieved with pinpoint accuracy, henceforth evaluating the evenness of the walls of the bottles & containers served to the consumers even with minimal changes and reducing the chances of leakage as well as uneven volume of fluid or product packed inside such containers & bottles.

To curb this issue of uneven walls, the Presto Group has brought in a top-notch lab testing instrument widely known as the Magnamike 8600 wall thickness gauge. The instrument is designed to evaluate the thickness of the walls with the help of a magnetic attraction principle by generating an electromagnetic field.

The simplistic design style & smooth functioning of the instrument have gathered a large number of manufacturers from related industries to try their hands on the lab testing instrument.

It is highly important to get familiar with the working mechanism of the Olympus Magna Mike 8600 for a better understanding of the consistent accuracy deliverance of the instrument.

Working Process of the Magna Mike

The instrument is offered with a hand-held build which allows the operator to conduct tests with absolute portability to ensure accuracy-driven test results even in the case of bigger samples.

To begin with the wall thickness, the first step that is undertaken by the operator is to assess which magnetic ball is precise for the specimen as the manufacturer of the instrument offers variably sized magnetic balls for different specimens as there are instances when the opening of the samples are extremely small, which makes it difficult for the operator to place the magnetic balls inside the sample.

The operator can now place the sample on top of the magnetic probe tip offered by the manufacturer of the Magna Mike thickness gauge. The probe tip of the instrument creates an electromagnetic field around itself and electrically charges the magnetic ball on the inside of the wall of the bottle or container (the sample being tested). Since we know that like poles of a magnet attract each other, therefore, the two electrically charged magnets i.e. the magnetic ball and probe tip are attracted towards each other. As the probe tip is stationary at one position, the magnetic ball from the inside gets closer to the probe tip and the only distance between the two is the thickness of the wall.

The running of the specimen’s surface across the probe tip determines the result on the digital display that the instrument is connected with. The MagnaMike 8600 showcases the distance between the two magnet assemblies and the difference between the two is the wall of the specimen, the thickness of the wall is determined.

The operator can constantly record the data on the digital screen of the instrument and can assess whether the instrument is even or not. The unevenness is interpreted as per the fluctuations in the distance between the two magnetic assemblies.   

This is how the operator can attain highly accurate & precise test results with the lab testing equipment. The instrument is trusted by manufacturers and tried & tested by so many industry workers or manufacturers due to its non-destructive testing that not only safeguards manufacturing output but also enhances the seamlessness of testing. 

There are certain questions & Answers that are asked by manufacturers before getting their hands on the top-notch lab testing instrument for better clarity.

Questions & Answers regarding the Magna Mike

Ques. What are the uses of the Magna mike thickness gauge?

Ans. The Magna Mike thickness gauge is responsible for testing the thickness levels of bottles & containers. The instrument’s design also allows operators & manufacturers to assess thin paint coatings with no hassle at all.  

Ques. Why is Magna Mike 8600 trusted by manufacturers across industries all over the world?

Ans. The easy-to-use and ergonomic design of the instrument makes it the foremost choice of almost all manufacturers evaluating the thickness of walls or the thickness of thin layered paint coatings.

Ques. Why does the manufacturer of the Magna mike offer different magnetic balls along with the equipment?

Ans. The manufacturer of the lab testing instrument offers differently sized magnetic balls for precise & accuracy-driven test results as not every ball can get inside the opening of a sample because there are instances when the opening of a sample is extremely small. To evaluate the thickness & layerings of specimens with relatively smaller openings, smaller magnetic balls are utilized, and the other two magnetic balls are also utilized as per the size of the specimen.

Book the Futuristic Magna Mike Straight Away

To attain maximum accuracy & precision while determining the wall thickness of bottles & containers, the Magna Mike 8600 is the best lab testing instrument ever designed for you. The instrument is available in two different magnetic probe tips as well as variable specifications and an easy-to-use digital display. All these specifications are mentioned on our website, you can visit & check out all the necessary information.

To place an order for the lab testing instrument, you can call us at +91 9210903903 or directly e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com.

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