Get the Peel Tester to Evaluate the Peelability Endurance of Materials

Get the Peel Tester to Evaluate the Peelability Endurance of Materials
  • Gaurav Malhotra

With the enhancements in the industrial sector, manufacturers have undertaken a new approach of using multiple materials in the production process of a single product to enhance its durability, quality, and other aspects. You must have observed that electronic devices, automobiles, medical instruments, etc. have various coatings of composite materials on them.

The pressure-sensitive material used as layers and coatings over various products not only increases the shelf life of the product but also contributes hugely towards durability and endurance against corrosion & impacts.

Another important aspect of coating is to provide information regarding the product through labels and tags. With an example, all the perishable items & electrical devices carry a tag over their packaging suggesting the corrective measures to consume or use the product. The product information, consumption methods & utilization process are mentioned over packaging materials using adhesion, bonding, or sealing. 

It becomes crucial for manufacturers to ensure that these bonded, sealed, or adhesion materials will remain intact for a longer period of time to enhance the durability levels. 

To assess the strength & endurance of these coatings, the leading lab testing manufacturers in the country – the Presto Group have offered a top-quality instrument by the name of Peel Tester. The instrument is the threshold of high-class engineering as it is structured with an extremely convenient design language that makes compliance with standards superficially attainable.

How does the Peel Tester Functions?

The peel tester consists of an extremely superficial operating mechanism that allows the operator to conduct the tests expeditiously and achieve highly accurate results repeatedly.

To commence with the test the operator has to condition the specimen first with the help of a toluene chemical provided along with the instrument. The chemical is responsible for eliminating the adhesive strength of the ends of a specimen. The operator has to dip the specimen into the chemical partially to remove the bond between the two composite materials.  

After the conditioning of the specimen with toluene chemical, the operator can easily adjust the specimen into the grippers of the instrument. The two separated ends are attached to both upper & lower jaws that consist of grippers with a rugged carving on the surfaces to ensure no movement of the specimen during the course of adhesion testing.

After the specimen is firmly clamped, the jaws of the adhesive peel strength move opposite to each other in linear momentum, forcing pressure on the specimen. The specimen withstands the pressure to its maximum extent and after the maximum peel strength, the two ends of the specimen segregate from each other due to the gripper-to-gripper separation.

The grippers separate from each other at a designated speed stated in the guidelines of the considered standard and the movement is controlled by a lead screw that ensures the grippers stay in a smooth momentum and makes sure that the obtained test results are accurate.

The maximum peel strength exerted on the specimen before completely segregating from the composite material is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display. 

The operator can easily record the indicated result with the help of a ‘memory’ button, allowing the operator to perform critical analysis with previously recorded results.

The testing of the adhesive peel strength of materials becomes easier than ever due to the advanced characteristics offered by the Presto Group that not only enable the operator to reach accurate test results but also promote hassle-free testing measures.

Quality Enhancing Characteristics of the Peel Tester

The peel tester is imbibed with such amazing features that no manufacturer can resist getting their hands on the top-quality lab testing equipment. Let us take a look at all these features:

The peel strength tester enables the operator to conduct the test in variable positions for precise measurement of the adhesive peel strength of materials. The instrument offers a clamping position of both 90 degrees as well as 180 degrees, allowing the operator to measure the peel strength of materials from both horizontal & vertical positions.

The instrument is equipped with a top-notch control panel that is offered with different adjustment buttons and indicators that enhance the testing experience. The control panel has a rotary switch for turning the device on/ off, feather touch controls for adjusting the testing measures and data recording, and a microprocessor-based digital display to determine the test results.

The instrument is offered with a lead screw that ensures the smooth functioning of the equipment by decreasing the friction levels and enhancing the movement grippers separating from each other in a linear assembly.

Manufacturers from various industries come with questions regarding the peel strength tester due to its widespread popularity and utilization and as the leading lab testing manufacturer, Presto Group is held accountable for clearing all the confusion amongst manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Peel Tester  

Ques. What are the aspects that are undertaken to measure the peel strength of materials?

Ans. The aspects under which the peel adhesion test is performed are the determination of the peel force for measuring the peel endurance, the angle of peeling i.e. 90o or 180o, and the speed of peeling. The instrument also determines the reason for peeling i.e. adhesion breakdown, cohesive failure, or mixed failure.

Ques. Why is it mandatory to perform peel testing?

Ans. It is highly crucial to perform the peel testing in order to attain quality assurance, consumer satisfaction, and standard compliance, and eradicate the scope of troubleshooting through quality maximization.

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