Peel / Seal / Bond And Adhesion Strength Tester

Peel / Seal / Bond And Adhesion Strength Tester

Presto Adhesion Strength Tester is used to quantify the permanence of adhesion or peel ability of self- adhesive pressure sensitive materials. Peel adhesion is defined as the force required for removing a pressure sensitive coated material.
Registered Design No. 361206-003


Benefits of Peel/Seal/Bond and Adhesion Strength Tester

The Presto Adhesion Strength Tester serves the purpose of measuring the enduring adhesion or peelability of self-adhesive pressure-sensitive materials. Peel adhesion, in this context, refers to the force needed to remove a pressure-sensitive coated material from a standard test plate under specified conditions, at a specified angle and speed. Compliant with ASTM standards, the Presto peel tester machine is particularly well-suited for applications in the plastic packaging industry.

Constructed on a sturdy metallic base plate with an Autumn Gray & Blue combination finish, the instrument boasts a corrosion-resistant touch thanks to its bright chrome/zinc plating. 

The peel tester is provided with a comprehensive package including an Instruction Manual, Electrical Wiring Diagram, and a Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs.

Designed by Presto's experienced professionals, this testing instrument ensures precise measurement of the peeling strength of materials. Presto, a prominent manufacturer in peel strength tester manufacturing, specializes in producing peel/seal/bond and adhesion strength testers.

This high-quality lab testing instrument consists of a microprocessor-based display for accurate testing results. This peel-strength tester has been made in accordance with industrial standards that ensure users get highly accurate testing results. Besides this, the Presto peel strength tester comes with powder coated corrosion-resistant body that facilitates users to use this testing instrument for a longer period of time.

This lab testing instrument is easy to operate. Just place the specimen between the upper and lower grip and tighten the grip firmly and commence the test. Whenever the users can operate this testing machine then it is important for the manufacturers to place the specimen accurately. Users will get highly accurate test results under elongation force. Besides this, the Presto peel strength tester comes with feather touch controls that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the peel strength of adhesives with ease. 

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