Guide of Using Box Compression Tester in Packaging

Guide of Using Box Compression Tester in Packaging

While doing packaging products, the goods and items packed will face some risks of compression during the distribution cycle. Thus to ensure the production quality and safety level, you must take help from box compression tester manufacturers in Delhi like Presto Testing Instruments. Here you will find a wide range of testing instruments that will be used to ensure the quality of the packaging of products.

With the help of a box compression tester, you will easily be able to determine the compression strength of corrugated boxes. Thus, you can rely on Presto Testing Instruments to test your products effectively. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can easily make use of this lab testing equipment in the packaging industry to improve product quality. So, let us get started about it!

What is a box compression tester?

The box compression tester testing instrument is very useful in the packaging industry to determine the stacking potential and compression strength of paper tanks, cartons, paper cases, etc.

With the help of this testing equipment, you can easily measure compression strength by putting a particular range of pressure and weight which will be required to crush the cardboard.

You can keep a check on the measurements which is used to crush the cardboard completely in a certain period of time. This will also help to measure the maximum stacking potential of the box as well.

Thus, if you are searching for the best box compression tester manufacturers in Delhi then we suggest you choose us as your testing instrument supplying partners. We ensure that you will get quality and accuracy in the testing instruments designed by our skilled engineers.

This machine from Presto will help to determine sufficient compression strength so that the box will not get crushed while shipping or transporting products. Therefore, with the help of a box compression tester, you can get an idea about the load you can put on the box to prevent damage to the product inside it. There are many features of using this product from Presto. We have mentioned them below.

Features of Presto box compression tester that you must know

The box compression testing instrument is used to provide you with measurements of the compression strength of the corrugated box when the pressure gets applied to it. Therefore, you can measure it accurately with the help of this testing equipments from Presto. This box is designed in order to provide accurate results.

We have created a list of several features that are comprised below. You can go through the features of the box compression tester to make sure that the product delivered is of high quality.

It contains a microprocessor display that will be helpful in providing accurate results.
Its feather touch controls make this machine easy to use without any extra effort.
Tare, as well as peak hold facility, will also be available in this box.
With the help of a strong base plate and rugged structure, you will be able to perform tests easily.

These are some of the features you will get with the use of a box compression tester designed by the experts at Presto. We provide you with different models of this testing instrument. It includes:

You can choose any of the models of this testing machine to pack your goods efficiently. This testing instrument is very crucial for manufacturers that make products for the packaging industry. With the help of this testing instrument, it will be possible to easily compare the quality of cartons, fiberboards, and closures. Thus, the goods that will be packed inside the chamber will get transported easily without getting any damage. You can easily rely on testing instruments from Presto so that the packaging products would not get deformed easily.


Whenever we deliver the products to our customers then we make sure that there will be no damage occurs to the products. This can only happen when you follow the proper testing procedure of packaging products with the help of the right lab testing instruments. A box compression tester is one of the reliable testing instruments that will help to measure the compression strength of corrugated boxes. You can easily purchase this testing instrument from Presto by consulting with us.



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