How Can Compression Strength Of Plastic Containers Be Tested?

How Can Compression Strength Of Plastic Containers Be Tested

Light-weighting or down-gauging is an important concern for the manufacturers in packaging industries to cut down the cost of production. This can be done by reducing down the volume of the raw materials used in manufacturing. But, it is also true that using less material does not mean that container is of poor quality that usually collapses or fails during their life cycle. To ascertain the quality of the containers such as cans, PET bottles, preforms, plastic containers and related materials can be tested by performing Top Load Testing on these materials. It is one of the highly accurate test methods that accurately determine the integrity and other properties of the container.

Manufacturers of plastic cans and containers must ensure that products can withstand the expected forces that they will experience during the process of capping or warehousing stacking.


Standard Operating Procedure – Top Load Tester

The Top Load Tester is designed in compliance with various national and international standard test methods that are provided by different standardization authorities. The integrity, thickness, and quality of the bottles can be tested by measuring the top load strength of the materials. The test is performed on the materials by following a common test compression or top load test method. To perform the test:

  • Put the test sample of plastic can/container between the two rigid plates of the tester.
  • Ensure that the sample is perfectly placed. The test can be performed either on empty or filled containers,
  • Now start the machine and the compression on the material will be started at the speed of 5 mm per minute.

The results of the compression or top load test on the sample displays:

  • Peak load
  • Deformation at peak load
  • Maximum load at a critical deformation
  • The actual strength of containers to protect the material from compression damage and many more.

One Stop Solution by Presto to Measure the Top Load Strength of Containers

Presto Stantest understands the importance of measuring the integrity of PET bottles and offers a broad range of Top Load Testers to perform the compression test which is designed in compliance with various test standards such as

The container compression test measures the compression strength of the packages such as cans, drums, boxes and many more. The test helps to plot the graphical representation of compressive vs. deformation force.  The device is designed with various features such as

  • Safety limit switches incorporated for both upward and downward directions.
  • Completely hardened and Nickel plated center load bearing screw provided for longer, rugged
  • Aesthetically designed using heavy Metal channels covering the side rods.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements and low wear and tear of parts.

For detail technical specification on Presto’s Top Load Tester, consult our experts.

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