How Can Compression Test Be Performed On Papers And Cardboards?

How Can Compression Test Be Performed On Papers And Cardboards

Papers, cardboards and, fiberboards are the major resources which are used to manufacture packaging products such as corrugated boxes, cartons, multi-layered boxes, etc. This implicates that the quality of these boxes depends on the quality of the paper or paperboard which is used to manufacture corrugated boxes. These products are used for transit of various materials in different industries safely. Therefore, the corrugated boxes need to be strong enough to ensure that the product will be delivered to the customers securely. Many testing devices are used to test the quality of the papers and fiberboards. Presto Stantest understands the need for testing papers and related materials and offers numerous testing machines such as edge crush tester, box compression test, bursting strength tester, Cobb sizing tester and many more. If we talk about testing the compression strength of the paperboards and cartons, Presto offers Edge Crush Tester. It is the highly reliable method of determining the crushing strength of the papers and related materials. The Presto’s edge crush tester is used for performing a crush or compression test to determine the actual and accurate strength of the papers.

Purpose of Edge Crush Tester

Presto’s edge crush tester is provided with three different testing fixtures that allow the user to perform three different type of crushing tests on the test specimen, i.e., edge crush test, ring crush test, and flat crush test. Presto’ Edge Crush Tester is designed in compliance with the standard – TAPPI – T 822 om-07 and TAPPI – T 824 om-07. The device is best for providing best analysis of the crushing strength of the papers and ensures stronger and better quality packaging containers. The instrument is assembled with a digital readout that helps to ascertain the accurate result of the test.


Standard Operating Procedure to Perform Test with Presto’s Edge Crush Tester

  • Cut a rectangular piece of the specimen of standard dimension from the sample you want to test.
  • The specimen must be cut according to the dimension of the template given for the Edge Crush Test provided with the machine and place it between the clamps of the machine. 
  • Turn the machine on.
  • To perform the edge crush test, place the edge crush test fixture with the erected edge of specimen facing the upper compression plate. 
  • Press Reset and Tare to set the value at peak load indicator to zero.
  • This will move the lower compression plate into upward direction exerting a compressive load on the specimen.
  • After some time, the specimen will be deflected due to the load applied.
  • This process will show some reading of crushing strength at specific load on the digital screen.

It is the best way to determine the compression strength or crushing strength of the material using Edge Crush Tester.

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