Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT Digital Model

Presto Edge Crush tester - Digital (ECT) is rugged enough for any production testing environment. It is the ideal testing equipment for paper making, packaging, quality inspection department and more.


Benefits of Edge Crush tester

The Edge Crush Tester – Digital (ECT) demonstrates robustness suitable for any paper and packaging production firm. It serves as the perfect testing instrument for industries such as paper making, packaging, quality inspection departments, and more. This digital ECT tester is valuable for assessing the potential compression strength of corrugated and solid fiberboard boxes by testing the paper and paperboard materials utilized in their production.

Edge Crush Tester / Ring Crush Tester / Flat Crush Tester is used for accurate testing of paper, paper-board, solid fiber-board & corrugated board for ECT test and its components. The Edge Crush tester can also be used for performing compression test on all small packages.

The higher ECT value determined by the ECT tester depicts the rigidity of the CFB box. Hence, it may be used to compare the quality of the CFB board. It is also possible to determine the compression strength of the box (CFB) by using ECT tester with McKee’s formula i.e.Compression strength = k. ECT x T x Z

Where K= Constant

ECT = edge crush test value

T=Thickness of CFB board (wall thickness)

Z= Perimeter of the box i.e. (2 L + 2 W)

Testing the edge-wise compression strength of corrugated boxes or cardboards is important in determining whether the materials will be strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping or not. Thus, to make it easy for the paper and packaging product manufacturers to conduct the edge-wise compression strength on materials, this high-quality edge crush tester has been designed by the experts at best price in Presto.

This digital model of Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT model is for a simple and accurate read-out on a digital display. It comes with electronic force measurement for the load and the key locks embedded in this lab testing instrument will help the users to prevent accidental or unauthorized resetting.

The microprocessor-based display has also been embedded for accurate testing results. With its strong gripping clamps, bright LED display, and other advanced features, one can easily test the edge-wise compression strength of the materials. It comes with an in-built calibration facility, users can get accurate testing results every time they conduct the test.

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