How Does a Digital Torque Meter Work?

How Does a Digital Torque Meter Work

PET bottles are widely used in the packaging industry for packaging and storing different products. There are certain factors that make these bottles capable enough to store the product. One of the most important factors is the PET bottle cap or closure. A properly sealed bottle cap will ensure that there will be no sign of leakage present in it. Thus, it is important for you to make sure that the bottle caps will be thoroughly tested in order to ensure the proper barrier for outside contamination of inside content. With the help of a digital torque meteryou can easily ensure the quality of PET bottles. This lab testing equipment is highly useful in evaluating the quality of the container closure system. You can easily make use of this torque tester for bottles to measure the amount of force required to open a PET bottle.

This highly efficient testing equipment designed by the experts at Presto is considered to be the number one choice for leading brands in the bottle packaging industry. Here, we will discuss how this digital torque meter works. But first, we will discuss the brief information of the digital model of torque testing machine.

Analyze your PET bottle cap quality with a digital torque meter

The digital model of torque testing machine is highly useful in studying the efficiency of bottle caps of PET bottles. This lab testing instrument is highly useful in analyzing the quality of PET bottles by ideally determining the force needed to open the cap of a PET bottle and ensure that the bottle is safe for use. This lab testing instrument is provided with a highly accurate torque sensor that records the torque applied on the test specimen with great accuracy. The operation of the machine is manual whereas the torque determination is done with the help of a digital display readout.

A safety lock pin is provided with the machine that prevents the rotating of the clamping device so that there is no unnecessary torque applied on the torque sensor. This testing equipment is widely used in the PET bottle manufacturing industry and provides you with accurate testing results. Below we have listed its features and technical specifications.

Features of Presto digital torque meter

The digital model of torque tester has been specifically designed to make sure that the bottles are safe to use. This lab testing instrument will be used in PET bottle manufacturing industries and enables the manufacturers to improve their product quality with this effective testing.

We have created a list of its features below:

  • Manual clamping and operation.
  • The equipment has a digital read-out with a least count of 0.1 lbs.-inches.
  • Adjustable clamping device to accommodate different sizes of the test specimen.
  • Safety lock pin provided with the instrument to avoid unnecessary torque application on the instrument.
  • Instruments with different ranges and capacities of 20 lbs.-inch, 50 lbs.-inch, and 100 lbs.-inch.
  • Strong clamping pegs/holders for zero slip gripping support.
  • Provision to hold the peak value in memory
  • Data output in digital display form
  • Safety locks pin to eliminate extra torque applications on the sample.
  • Easy to read LED display

Technical Specifications of Presto digital torque meter

This testing instrument has been provided with different models of maximum torque range:

  1. 20 lb-inch
  2. 25 lb-inch
  3. 50 lb-inch
  4. 100 lb-inch

So, you can select the different range of this testing machine that suits best for your requirements. Below we have listed the technical specifications of this lab testing instrument.

  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 lb-Inch (with master weight)
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1 lb-inch
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Display: Digital (LED)
  • Load Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with Digital readout and peak hold feature
  • Minimum Diameter for specimen holding: 30 mm
  • Maximum Diameter for specimen holding: 110 mm
  • Weights for Calibration: 10 lbs., 20 lbs.

With these technical specifications and features, you can easily conduct the test with the help of this cap torque tester. Presto is considered to be the leading manufacturer of torque testers in DelhiNow, let us discuss the working of this lab testing instrument.

Working of Presto digital torque meter

Torque testing is one of the highly efficient lab testing equipment that can be used to conduct the torque test for caps as well as closures. You can easily operate this lab testing instrument by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • You can do this by first starting this lab testing instrument and plugging it in a 3 Pin - 5 Amp. Power supply socket. Once you turn the machine ON, then the load indicator might show some readings due to previous test values.
  • Set the pressure to zero by pressing the TARE button and then the RESET button. Now the Load Indicator will show zero reading.
  • Adjust the specimen holding pegs according to the size of the specimen. Then place the specimen accurately that it is perfectly straight and touches all four pegs at a given time.
  • After placing the specimen, tighten the jaw adjusting knob properly by revolving it in a clockwise direction. Once you are done with the given settings, then you can easily commence the test.

In this way, you can operate the digital torque meter for PET bottles. Get the best digital torque meter price in India by consulting with us. Give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at Our technical experts will easily consult you regarding all your queries.

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