How does Humidity Chambers Work?

How does Humidity Chamber Work

How does Humidity Chambers Work?

Humidity chamber is a vital testing instrument for analysing the prolong effect of humidity on components to fix its quality parameters. This instrument is not subjected to only one industry applications. It is used in pharmaceuticals, plastic and rubber industries for quality assurance testing.

What is the purpose of humidity? 

A humidity testing chamber is a specially designed environmental chamber that is used to simulate different levels of humidity. By controlling the temperature and relative humidity inside the chamber, engineers can test products or materials for their performance in high-humidity conditions.

Humidity chambers are an essential tool for any company that manufactures or sells products that could be exposed to high levels of moisture. By simulating different levels of humidity, these chambers allow engineers to test products for durability and performance before they are released to the market. offers a high-quality humidity testing chamber that can be used to test different sets of products and their behavior in relative humidity.

Why are Humidity Chamber used?

Temperature and humidity testing help to determine the behavior of the components in severe test conditions and environments that involve fluctuating environment, high temperature, and different relative humidity. The tests can be done with constant temperature and humidity in a static state and can be done in a dynamic state where the moisture is used to induce a failure of the components or materials.

“Is it imaginable to produce the accurate level of humidity without the temperature control?” We usually find people asking such kind of questions. Controlling the humidity of the chambers with accuracy and repeatability is quite difficult without controlling the temperature of the machines. If the user wants a dry or humid environment, skipping the temperature controller can affect the accuracy of relative humidity.

The higher the temperature of the chamber, it means that the air is capable of handling more moisture at a given temperature. The relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air with respect to the moisture it can hold. It means that relative humidity changes with the change in temperature. Hence, a stable temperature helps to ensure a stable level of relative humidity.

To know if your industry requires humidity chamber testing or not, talk to our team of experts.

Methods of Humidity Generation

There are numerous methods that are used to create moisture for controlling the level of humidity in test chambers. Let’s discuss the methods of humidity generation in detail. 

Method 1: “Steam Generator”


Steam generators are the tank type machines that are duly equipped with immersion heaters. As the water inside the chamber gets heated, steam is generated inside the tank and rises up to the top of the chamber where cooling coils and heaters actually lies. These chambers work on the output of the heaters and demands of relative humidity. Some of the benefits of steam generators are:

Easily generate High Volume of Moisture in Big Chambers

The quality of Water Vapour is Consistent.

Method 2: “Atomizer”


Atomizers comprises of a fine spray nozzle to atomize the water. This is done in the mixing assembly. As the atomized water passes through the chamber heater, it instantly gets heated. Atomizers are widely used in chambers to create a high level of humidity and offer numerous benefits as well. Some of the benefits of atomizers are mentioned below:

  • Very simple and easy to used system
  • Capable enough in generating high volume of moisture
  • No issues with heater burn-out
  • best to save electricity
  • Cools the air. It is beneficial whenever required.

Method3: “Water bath”


Water Bath systems for humidity generation also works as steam generators but not in the form of enclosed box. A small water bath is fitted in the mixing assembly where heaters and cooling coils are fitted. As the air is drawn in the mixing assembly, it passes through the bath and pick up the vapor. Some of the advantages of using a water bath in chambers includes:

  • Responsive due to small amount of water
  • Doesn’t require boiling procedure to provide moisture
  • Less boiling means less mineral is deposit inside the chamber and requires less maintenance
  • Can be cleaned and inspected quickly.

Humidity Chamber – For Determining the Effect of Humidity on Products

Conditioning Chambers are the ideal testing chambers that are incorporated with latest technology features to create different relative humidity and temperature inside the chamber. These chambers ensure less heat loss ratio as they are designed with high quality of insulation with imported glass wool. Chambers comprises of cooling compressors as well as heaters to maintain an appropriate amount of temperature and humidity. The humidity chambers are utilized to judge the effect of different weather conditions on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the products during the real time working on the product.

Application of Humidity Chambers

Humidity is an important factor in many environments, ranging from storage warehouses to manufacturing facilities. The level of humidity in the products can affect the growth of mold and mildew, as well as the rate at which objects rust or degrade.

Thus, it is important for manufacturers of different industries to test the humidity present in the products. Below we have listed the applications of humidity testing chambers for different industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: A humidity testing chamber is a temperature and humidity-controlled environment used to test the durability of materials and products in order to ensure their quality and performance in real-world conditions. By subjecting materials and products to different levels of humidity and temperature, manufacturers can determine how well they will stand up to long-term exposure and use. In the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturers can make use of humidity testing chambers to test the effect of humidity on the products like medicines and drugs.
  • Rubber Industry: The use of humidity chambers in the rubber industry is a common practice in order to achieve the desired level of humidity and ensure that the correct level of the product will be delivered to the customers. This helps to ensure that the finished products will have the correct level of hardness and flexibility. In addition, using a humidity chamber can also help to reduce the risk of defects in the finished product. The rubber manufacturers can easily make use of this lab testing instrument to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.
  • Plastic industry: A humidity chamber is a key lab testing instrument that is used to test plastic products. By controlling the level of humidity in the air, it helps to ensure that products are made with consistent quality. This type of chamber is often used in the plastic product manufacturing industry in order to prevent the warping or deforming of products during the production process. By controlling the humidity levels within the chamber, manufacturers can ensure that their products maintain their desired shape and size.

Presto Stantest, one of the famous manufacturer in the world of testing instruments, offer high-quality of Humidity Chambers with a different temperature setting option and relative humidity to access the effect of different weather conditions on products. The instruments are designed as per the standards ASTM D1776 / D1776M – 15 and BS 950 Part 1 (D 65) which ensures the accuracy and reliability of test results. 

How do you maintain humidity in a chamber?

To maintain optimal humidity levels in your test chamber, it is important to regularly check and clean the unit. This will help to remove any build-up of moisture that can lead to inaccurate readings.  humidity testing chamber is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that is used to test the level of humidity at which the material will be getting physically changed. By using this high-quality lab testing equipment, you can easily predict the behavior of the product for relative humidity. 

Below we have mentioned some tips to maintain the humidity test chamber:

  • For maintaining the humidity testing chamber, it is important for the users to keep it on a concrete base. By doing so, you will make sure that the humidity chamber will be able to perform the test with ease without any disruptions. This is because concrete is a material that is not easily affected by changes in temperature or humidity. Additionally, it is also important to ensure that the concrete base is level so that the chamber can function properly.
  • When you are conducting a humidity test using this quality testing equipment, it is important to avoid putting any inflammable materials in the chamber. This is because they can catch fire and cause damage to the equipment. If you must put them in the chamber, make sure that they are well away from any heat sources.
  • The fan motor equipped with this testing instrument should be tightened properly to avoid any noise in it. The screws should be tightened in a clockwise direction so that they are firmly in place. If the screws are not tightened properly, the fan motor will make a loud noise when it is turned on.
  • If you are using a humidity testing chamber, to test the physical properties of the materials, then you must leave at least 6 inches of clear space around the chamber. This is to ensure that the chamber can operate properly and to prevent any accidents.

A humidity testing chamber is a vital piece of equipment for any business that needs to test products for their tolerance to different levels of humidity. You can read more on the tips to maintain a humidity testing chamber here.

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