How to effectively test the behavior of the product with the relative humidity?

How to effectively test the behavior of the product with the relative humidity?

When it comes to understanding the behavior of materials, relative humidity (RH) is an important factor to consider. RH testing can provide valuable insights into how materials will behave under different conditions of moisture and temperature. There are a number of reasons why RH testing is important, particularly for industries that rely on materials such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and food production.  To make it easy for the manufacturers of different industries to test their materials in relative humidity, we at Presto have designed a high-quality humidity testing chamber.  

This conditioning chamber is an ideal lab testing equipment that has been designed with the latest technology to ensure that quality material will be delivered to the customers. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the Presto humidity testing chamber and how you can use this lab testing equipment for testing the humidity of the materials. But before that, let us discuss more information about relative humidity.

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity (RH) is the amount of water vapor present in the air, expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount that the air can hold at that temperature. The maximum amount of water vapor that air can hold depends on its temperature; warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. RH is an important parameter to consider when testing materials, as many materials are sensitive to changes in RH.
Certain adhesives and coatings can also be adversely affected by fluctuations in RH. By understanding how a material responds to changes in RH, we can optimize its performance and ensure its long-term durability. Presto has come up with a high-quality humidity testing chamber that can be used to test the relative humidity and temperature that will be needed to test the physical and chemical properties of the sample and replicate environmental test conditions.
It has been designed with the latest technology and ergonomic controls that will help to test the sample accurately. This testing equipment plays a crucial role in the textile industry. You can read more about the benefits of this quality testing instrument in the textile industry here.
Now, let us discuss brief information about the Presto humidity testing chamber. So, let us get started!

What are a humidity testing chamber and its purpose?

We all know that different materials can absorb or release different amounts of water vapor depending on the level of relative humidity. This can cause problems with how a material performs, especially if it is not designed to operate in conditions with high levels of relative humidity. Thus, testing the relative humidity of the materials is very important to test the behavior of materials.
This conditioning chamber has been made particularly for testing the physical and chemical properties of the materials by replicating the ideal environmental conditions for testing. The humidity test will be carried out in a static condition and a constant temperature.
Besides this, it has been embedded with high-grade imported glass wool insulation for testing the maximum thermal efficiency of insulation means. It has been designed with high-quality industrial standards that include D1776M – 15, BS 950 Part 1 (D 65). Whenever you select the humidity chamber then you need to take care of the top 3 things. You can read about the top 3 things to remember while selecting a humidity chamber. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this quality lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto humidity/conditioning chamber

This high-quality lab testing instrument has been designed with high-quality features that we have listed below.
  • Inbuilt Auto tuning function
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Equipped with rapid air circulation
  • German imported fan for uniform and
  • Homogenous heating, cooling,
  • Humidity, de-humidity inside the Chamber
  • Inbuilt Calibration feature
  • Auto-stop feature to stop the machine at a Set time

Technical Specifications of Presto humidity chamber

  • Inside Dimension : 455 x 455 x 710 mm
  • Display: HMI Based Touch Screen
  • Accuracy Temperature: ± 2ºC / Humidity ± 5%
  • Least Count/Resolution Temp / Humidity: 0.1ºC / 1 %
  • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Temperature Range : 15ºC to 60ºC
  • Humidity Range: up to 95%RH
  • Timer: 9999 Hr
  • No. of Sample racks: 2
  • Wet Heater: 1 kW, 1 no.
  • Dry Heater: 500 Watt, 1 no.
  • Temperature Sensor: 1 (PT-100)
  • Humidity Sensor: 1 (RH)
  • Movement: Castor Wheels
  • Material: Exterior and Interior Stainless Steel Finish Stain Steel matt finish for corrosion resistance
  • Water Level Low: Alarm output
With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can easily conduct humidity tests on the materials. By testing the behavior of the material in different environmental conditions, one can ensure that quality material will be delivered to the customers. By doing so, we can obtain accurate data about the material's ability to retain humidity. This knowledge is essential for many industries that help them to predict their behavior in different environments. If you want to take a free sample testing session for the humidity testing chamber then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at
Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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