How to Achieve Accurate Results with Standardized Accelerated UV Testing?

How to Achieve Accurate Results with Standardized Accelerated UV Testing?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

These days, manufacturers are widely using polymers, and even though polymers have alluring properties yet there is an immense impact of UV rays on the polymers. A change in the physical and chemical properties of the materials can be observed. 

Accelerated UV testing is done to check whether the polymers can withstand all atmospheric conditions. Polymers are lightweight, durable, and flexible and are widely used. Thus, a UV weathering tester is used to test the polymers for their optimal performance. 

All about UV weathering Chamber

To simulate the real-world weathering conditions on the specimens and then identify the changes in their physical and chemical properties can be done with a UV test machine. The specimens are subjected to harsh UV rays, and elevated temperatures that they will face when encountered with real-world conditions. The test is conducted so that the products do not get deteriorated 

The primary aim of conducting this test is to assess the performance of the materials when subjected to UV radiation. This test holds major importance in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction to ensure their quality and the right product development.

What is the Need to Test Polymers in Several Weathering Conditions?

Manufacturing industries make wide use of the polymers. Thus, it is crucial to check their quality before introducing them to the customers. By checking their durability with accelerated UV testing manufacturers can customize the products accordingly and launch them in the market.

It will ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers to meet customers' expectations. Furthermore, companies will be able to acquire more customers when they launch quality products in the market. The changes that appear in the products due to various weathering conditions affect their durability and sturdiness. Hence, testing the polymers will help manufacturers to know the performance of the products with time. Additionally, it will help manufacturers to know their lifespan in the real world. 

Steps for Accelerated UV Testing of the Materials

UV tests are conducted by exposing the specimens to the UV radiations in the UV weathering chamber. The UV test chamber is designed in a way that exits UVA and UVB rays too. These UVA and UVB rays are highly similar to natural sunlight. 

To conduct the accelerated UV testing, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Set the HMI screen and set value after placing the specimen in the equipment.

  • To test how much time the spray will take to come out on the specimen, there is a need to set the spray time on/off.

  • Turn on the switches from the screen such as rotate on, spray on, time on, heat on, and light on after setting all the values on the HMI screen.

  • There is a need to close the doors of the instrument now.

  • Press the on button from the HMI screen and the machine will stop automatically once the set time is completed. 

In this way, you can easily commence the test using this high quality lab testing equipment. 

Pros of Accelerated UV Testing 

By conducting UV tests on the specimen, the changes in their physical and chemical properties can be evaluated. 

The pros of carrying out the UV test on the specimen are:

  • Improving the integrity of the products.

  • Increasing customers for the company.

  • Enhancing the brand image.

  • Zero rejection rates by the customers.

  • Testing the durability of the products against the UV rays and then developing the products accordingly.

Importance of Standardized Accelerated UV Testing 

Standardized and calibrated equipment are offered by Presto only. When accurate results are obtained due to standardized tests, the chances of the discrepancy decrease, and quality products are received by the customers. Some of the pros of standardization are:

  • Even if the test is performed on multiple specimens, still results will be accurate when the tests are standardized. 

  • It ensures the integrity of the products since it provides non-fluctuating outcomes only.

  • When valid results are obtained then the chances of the damage to the products get reduced.

This signifies the importance of UV testing. You can read more on the top 5 features of UV weathering tester that you must know.

Testing the Properties of the Polymers with Accelerated UV Testing

UV rays have a deep impact on the physical and chemical properties of the materials and can destroy the materials as well. Thus, it is critical to test the behavior of the products under UV rays to estimate their performance when exposed to outdoor conditions. 

There is a provision for UV light, temperature adjustment, and water spray in the UV weather chamber to simulate the humidity in the chamber. The sample can be exposed to periodic and continuous radiation by using fluorescent UV rays. 

How Accelerated UV Testing help in Improving the Brand Image of the Companies?

When the polymers are tested against the harsh impact of the UV rays, then it is easy to evaluate their performance in the real world. The changes in their physical and chemical properties can be assessed and then new products can be developed accordingly. 

When there is delivery of the right products to the customers, it will help in meeting the expectations of the customers. Furthermore, it will improve the image of a company as well since every company follows the customer-centric approach, and by conducting UV tests, companies can deliver quality products to the customers. 


The accelerated UV testing, its importance, and all the similar things have been discussed in this blog. It is mainly used to conduct the UV test on the specimens and evaluate the changes in their physical and chemical properties when exposed to UV rays. You can easily simulate the weathering effects precisely with this high quality lab testing instrument. 

We at Presto believe in manufacturing high-class lab equipment and the UV test machine is one of them. Presto equipment are standardized and calibrated for one year. The certificate of calibration is also provided which is approved by NABL. Customers are provided with outstanding customer service to ensure that they do not face any sort of difficulty after getting the equipment installed. Customers can ring at +91-9210903903 or mail at to learn deeply about the products of the Presto. The team of skilled experts from Presto will come to aid you. 


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