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Polymer products usually damage when exposed to various environmental conditions which are formed from the atmosphere. This directly affects the actual life of the product. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the polymers to calculate...


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Polymer products usually damage when exposed to various environmental conditions which are formed from the atmosphere.  This directly affects the actual life of the product. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the polymers to calculate their real life of the product when placed years outside. This can be done proficiently with the help of a testing instrument known as UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester. The device is widely used to create simulated climatic conditions and to study the weather resistant properties of the material inside the laboratory. It has become a very effective method to measure the effect of environmental conditions on the products. Two models of Ultraviolet accelerated weathering testers are available namely,

  • PSPL 855 :It is a Basic Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Cabinet that does not provide irradiance control.
  • PSPL 856 :It is an Ultraviolet Light Accelerated Weathering Cabinet that offers Irradiance control along with the facility of automatic calibration.

Optional Accessories: UVB lamps (40w/313nm) / UVA lamps (40W/340nm)

Both PSPL 855 & 856 model are equipped with fluorescent UV lamp to provide the light source inside the chamber. The humidity and the temperature of the instrument can be controlled easily to achieve the periodic condensation on the test specimen to evaluate the damaging factor completely which are caused due to the moisture, sunlight, temperature and various material ageing phenomenon that includes intensity reduction, fading, cracking, flaking, cracking, oxidation and chalking. The Fluorescent UV light creates the effect of sunlight whereas the water spray and condensation creates the impact of dew and rain.

At the time of the test, temperature and radiation energy can be controlled easily. The difficult test cycle usually carries out under the strong ultraviolet radiations and in wet and dark condensation period having relative humidity 100 percent. These types of tests are generally performed in the field of automotive industry, paint, and plating industry, automotive industry, plastic, glue, wood industry, etc.





    • Two Sources of light: UVA with wavelength 340 nm or UVB with wavelength 313 nm. 8 Pieces of lights of 40 W each is used in the instrument that offers the actual life of 2000 hours.
    • Irradiance Range: 0.1 W/m² - 1.0 W/m²
    • Temperature Range: Black Panel temperature(BPT):RT+10~100  ºC
    • Stability of Temperature: ±2 ºC
    • Inner Cabinet: Fabricated with Stainless steel SUS 304 Stainless steel material
    • Outer of the Cabinet: Duly powder coated on SUS304 material
    • Specimen capacity: 48 pieces of standard size 75×150mm or 15 pieces of size 100×300mm.
    • Power Supply: ±10% 50/60Hz and 15A ( Max Electric Current )
    • Adjustable Water Supply: 0-4LPM
    • Standards: ISO – 4892-3:2013, ASTM D 4587-11, JIS D 0205 – 1987, J2020 – 200302


    • UVA or UVB lamps help to ensure the comparability of testing results.
    • The machine uses UV lamps that offers original testing light source, as compared to another type of lamps including Xenon Lamps, UV lamps are more accurate and stable.
    • The instrument offers more repeatable testing results that can be achieved easily and helps to reduce the running cost.
    • Designed especially and tested with most serious quality control.
    • Different fluorescent UV lamps are meant to fulfill the requirement of the various application in various fields.
    • Irradiance is calibrated automatically with the help of spray and condensation function but only with the PSPL 856 model.
    • Irradiance controlled automatically (within closed loop system)
    • Alarm and protection feature: Creep-age, water breaking, overloading, over temperature.



Testing the effect of weather conditions is now very easy for us with the help of Presto's UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester, Now it is very easy to maintain the best quality of products with efficient weather testing.

— Vikram Saini

A very simple to use and compact instrument for the laboratory. Of course, ideal lab conditions are required for best performance.

— Rameshwar Prasad

UV weathering test has now become the mandatory part of my production process. This test has helped me to alter my production process and the failure rate of my products has reduced considerably.

— Samrat Ghosh

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