How to Measure Peel Adhesive Strength with a Peel Tester?

How to Measure Peel Adhesive Strength with a Peel Tester

If you are looking for the best way to measure the quality of your adhesive, then have no fear. You can use a Peel Tester from Presto Testing Instruments. We at Presto are offering peel testing machines at the best prices that will provide you with the ability to test the bond between two substrates when sticking together with adhesive. With the help of this instrument, you will be able to get the measurements of force required to remove the pressure-sensitive coated material which will be applied to standard test specimens under specified conditions.

We have two types of models available for this lab testing equipment. One is the manual peel testing machine while the other model is a computerized one. So, you can go with any of the models depending upon your choice. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the measurement of adhesive strength with the help of a peel tester. We will also highlight some common peel tests taken by manufacturers to ensure the quality of the material. So, let us get started with it!

Peel test for determining the quality of material

The peel test will be conducted with the help of a peel tester from Presto Testing Instruments. You can easily perform this test on flexible as well as rigid materials. Between two substrates, the adhesive will form a thin layer and is located under the inner side of the tape that will be placed against the steel plate.

The main purpose of conducting this peel test is to determine the adhesive strength of the packaging material. In simple words, the adhesive is the sticky substance that will be placed in the tapes to ensure proper packaging. With the help of a peel strength tester, you will easily be able to determine the force required to peel or separate the specimen when the adhesive is applied to it.

There are various types of peel tests that will be used to determine the adhesive strength. We have listed information about them below.

Types of peel tests conducted for checking adhesive strength

There are various types of peel tests that will be conducted for measuring the adhesive strength of the material. It includes T-peel, 90-degree peel, and 180-degree peel test. If we talk about the T-peel test then it is a type of tensile strength test that will be performed on two substrates when fixed together.

In 90 degree test, the flexible substrate and the rigid substrate (example plate) will be placed with a 90-degree peel test fixture to determine the adhesive strength between these two materials.

The 180-degree peel test is also similar to the 90-degree test and the peel test but the bonded area between the peel strip and plate will not be placed vertically. Instead, its free end will be gripped by the bottom and top making the shape of U.

In this way, the adhesive strength of materials will be tested with the help of this quality testing instrument.


The Peel Strength Tester from Presto is a quality testing instrument that will help you easily measure the adhesive strength of materials like packaging tapes. Widely used in the packaging industry, it determines the adhesive strength of the packaging material.

So, if you want to find out how strong your tape is or if you're looking for a new way to test your products' adhesiveness then this tester might just be what you're looking for. It's easy-to-use and has an adjustable dial so that anyone can use it with ease. You'll also get a complete set of instructions on how to use this device when ordering one today!

Presto is considered to be the top supplier of testing instruments in India. Just give a call on our contact number +91 9210903903 and get a free quote of this testing instrument along with the free demo. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up before it's too late for your business!

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