How to Use Dart Impact Tester and Determine Durability of Packaging Materials?

 Dart Impact Tester

Flexible packaging materials are an extremely important aspect when it comes to the transportation & storage safety of various items. The flexible paper & packaging items such as laminates & sheets are often used in the packing of perishable food items. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to avoid any contamination or spillage due to the poor quality of these packaging materials.

The flexible packaging materials are tested under various measures to make sure that they can withstand real-life hazards during shipping procedures. Manufacturers run variable testing methodologies to ensure the maximum durability of these materials. One such important testing measure is to assess the impact strength of these materials against free-falling darts.

To perform this test with ease, Presto Stantest Private Limited has manufactured the dart drop impact tester. The instrument is designed as an assistance for manufacturers to determine the impact strength of flexible packaging materials and ensure that the packed items remain intact and away from any kind of contamination.

It is necessary to ascertain how the instrument actually works and accomplishes highly accurate results for manufacturers from the flexible paper & packaging industry.  

Working Procedure of Dart Drop Impact Tester

The dart impact test is conducted under a simple mechanism of free-falling darts over the specimen to ensure its ability to withstand such impactful accidents in real-life scenarios.

To commence the dart impact test it is necessary to place the specimen between the clampers associated with the dart board. The sample is firmly clamped, ensuring no wrinkles & creases at the surface that is going to be impacted by the dart. The clamping is done with the help of a pneumatically powered foot switch.

The dart of the dart impact tester is adjusted to a designated height with the help of an Allen key as mentioned in the standard, which can be either 660mm or 1524mm for performing the free-fall of the dart over the specimen.

Once the operator makes sure that the dart is correctly positioned at the designated height that is certified by the standards, the customer can release the brake release mechanism holding the dart.

On releasing the dart falls over the specimen causing the specimen to may or may not break down depending upon the durability. The dart goes through the specimen by rupturing it to the dartboard which is made extremely durable to avoid breaking or damage.

To avoid ricocheting off of the dart from the impact, the instrument offers a safety shield device associated with the instrument to safeguard the operator conducting the test.

On the completion of the test, the durability results are displayed on the HMI-based touchscreen for easy tracking by the operator.

As per compliance with the standards mentioned for the dart impact test, the operator can test the specimen with two different kinds of darts i.e. phenolic dart & steel dart. This entirely depends upon the durability properties of the specimen being tested.

Along with an operator-friendly working mechanism, the instrument is also equipped with certain features that derive accuracy & precision over & over again.

Features of Dart Drop Impact Tester

The features incorporated within the dart impact tester aim to ascertain highly accurate & precise testing results consistently.

The height clamping adjustment through the Allen key aids the manufacturer or the operator in adjusting the height of the dart without any hassle and also ensures that the designated height as per standard compliances is achieved for precision in testing.

The HMI-based touchscreen also assists the operator in not only profiling the specimen with pass/fail criteria before the test but also allows the tracking of data with absolute facile after the test, enabling the manufacturer to critically analyze the obtained results with previous ones.

The safety feature of the shielding structure is incorporated to eradicate the scope of injuries in case of dart gets ricocheted or deflected by the impact with the packaging materials.  

Technical Specifications of Dart Impact Tester

The inside diameter of the clamp measures 127mm, providing a secure grip on the test specimen during evaluation. This ensures accurate and consistent testing conditions for reliable results.

Two methods are available for conducting tests, with different dart head diameters: Method A utilizes a 38mm diameter dart head, while Method B employs a slightly larger 50.8mm dart head, both with tight tolerances of ± 0.13mm.

The height of fall is adjustable, with options for drops from 660mm to 1524mm. This flexibility allows for testing materials under various impact intensities, simulating real-world scenarios effectively.

The Dart Holding Mechanism can support a maximum weight of 2kg, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of materials and applications.

Two types of dart head materials are provided: Phenolic for Method A and Steel for Method B, catering to different testing requirements and material characteristics.

The height adjustable clamp offers a least count of 1mm, enabling precise positioning of the test specimen for accurate testing.

The release mechanism utilizes an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism, ensuring consistent and controlled dart release during testing.

The circular annular clamping unit minimizes slippage, maintaining the integrity of the testing process and ensuring repeatable results.

A digital counter is incorporated for easy tracking and recording of test cycles, enhancing efficiency and data management.

For operational convenience, a vacuum pump with a CFM of 1.8 and a 1/4 Hp motor is included, along with single-phase 220V AC electrical requirements, facilitating seamless integration into different environments.

In summary, the Dart Impact Tester combines precision engineering, versatility, and user-friendly features to provide an essential tool for evaluating the impact resistance of materials, contributing to product quality and safety across various industries. If you need more information regarding this testing instrument then you can give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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