Identify Material Properties by Evaluating Ash Content with the Muffle Furnace

Identify Material Properties by Evaluating Ash Content with the Muffle Furnace
  • Gaurav Malhotra

There are numerous products that are manufactured on a daily basis to make lives easier. Due to the increasing population, the demand for these products is also increasing. With the increasing demand for products, the materials for production are also required as they are directly proportional to the requirement of these products.

It is the duty of manufacturers to provide a product that has accident-preventive or durable properties for safeguarding the manufacturer & operator from any hazards or jeopardies. One of the most hazardous accidents that can take place is the product catching fire as the materials used in the product are exposed to nature which makes them fire-prone at all times.

This makes it necessary for manufacturers of these materials to incorporate fire-proof properties in the material by coating or other measures. The manufacturer can also choose materials that naturally showcase fireproof abilities. To segregate the materials on their fire resistance and properties upon burning, these materials undergo a muffle test that indicates the ash content created after the burning of the specimen.

The Presto Group has come with amazing lab testing equipment i.e. the muffle furnace, designed to enhance the ash content calculation with maximum facile and ease. 

The instrument indicates accurate & precise testing results over & over again due to its ergonomic design that enables the operator to perform testing without any hassle.

Working Procedure of the Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace manufacturer has ensured an extremely ergonomic design structure of the instrument that allows the operator to conduct the test with maximum facile and minimum hassle.

To conduct the testing, the foremost step to undertake is to place the specimen in the testing chamber inside the dedicated specimen bowl. The operator must make sure that the specimen is not bigger than the specimen placement bowl.

Once the specimen is placed correctly, the operator must make sure that the door of the testing chamber is closed and locked firmly to avoid the exchange of internal & external atmosphere which not only ensures insulation but also enhances the accuracy of the test.

The operator can now turn the electrical supply on with the help of the MCB & the rotary switch. On turning the rotary switch to functioning mode, the mains indicator, as well as the heaters of the testing chamber, turns on.  Whenever you choose the muffle furnace, then there are 5 factors that you must consider. 

The operator can simply adjust the temperature and the testing time of the instrument with the help of the control panel, imbibed with feather touch controls and a microprocessor-based digital display for the indication of temperature & run time.

The heaters incorporated within the testing chamber elevate the temperature up to 900 degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees Celsius & 1400 degrees Celsius. The integration of the heaters inside the chamber ensures uniform heating all across the specimen, burning the specimen to ashes which is collected into the specimen placement bowl.  

After the run time is achieved fully, the operator can simply open the glass wool integrated testing chamber and take the specimen out with the help of a tong. It is important to use the tong as the bowl with the ash collected inside the testing chamber is extremely hot after the test and should not be touched with bare hands.

This is how the ash content is collected by burning the temperature under elevated temperatures inside a controlled testing chamber. The instrument performs the ash content assessment with such ease & facile due to top-notch attributes offered inside the instrument by the muffle furnace manufacturer.

Top-Notch Attributes of the Muffle Furnace

The instrument is equipped with highly advanced & futuristic attributes that amalgamate together to ensure a seamless testing experience with high standards of accuracy.

The finest & most amazing feature of the instrument is the glass wool material used inside the testing chamber that ensures insulation to the maximum and enhances the thermal efficiency of the instrument to higher notches.

The lab testing instrument is equipped with an extremely ergonomically designed control panel that is an amalgamation of various kinds of buttons. The control panel is equipped with an MCB for main support along with a rotary switch that is indicated through mains indicators. The control panel is also equipped with a futuristic microprocessor-based digital for temperature & run time adjustments with feather touch controls.

The equipment offers SSR-based heaters & output controls that enhance the temperature elevation speed and quicken the testing process, ensuring accuracy & expeditiousness altogether.

The strong & durable build of the instrument is also a worthy feature. The instrument is made with mild & stainless steel that is layered with powder coating to ensure anti-rusting properties within the instrument.

Another feature of the instrument is the availability of the specimen placement bowl with a tong to ensure the collection of ash content with no or minimal hassle.

The instrument is also offered with various other features incorporated into other variants of the instrument as it is also offered with an HMI-based touchscreen for an enhanced testing process.

Muffle Furnace Specifications to Consider

·       There are some variations in the range of temperature of the muffle furnace that includes 

1) ambient – 900 degrees Celsius 

2) ambient – 1200 degrees Celsius 

3) ambient – 1400 degrees Celsius

·       The timer range of the instrument is up to 999 Hrs.

·       The digital display is available in both LCD & LED screen type as per the requirement of the consumer.

These are all the muffle furnace specifications that are important to be taken into consideration before getting your hands on the instrument.

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