Inspect The Wall Thickness Of Pharmaceutical Bottles To Measure Its Quality

Inspect The Wall Thickness Of Pharmaceutical Bottles To Measure Its Quality

Packaging is the best medium that helps to maintain the quality and the safety of the products. It helps to protect the products from dust and external threats that can augment the appearance and quality of the product. The major applications where PET products that are used in pharmaceutical industry. The packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is vital as they require premium quality packaging materials to protect the medicines from various environmental factors to define the quality of a product. That is why the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry spend quality time on research & development to find superior packaging solutions. Packaging plays many roles in pharmaceutical industries.

Use of PET bottles in Pharmaceutical Industry

The packaging in pharmaceutical industries protects and save the biomedical products from various factors. It also helps to recognize the product and differentiate it from others in terms of strength, instruction, labeling, dosage, etc. Additionally, it helps to explain the relevant instruction of dosage to the patients. The packaging also plays an important role to supply the pharmaceutical products safely to various locations. PET products such as PET bottles and containers is the best and common medium which is used in pharmaceutical industries to pack liquids, syrups, and many more. These are best in terms of strength and efficiently protect the quality of the products that are placed inside. With the wide usage of these PET products, it is necessary to measure the quality of the PET products. Many factors are there that affects the quality of the PET bottles such as Measuring Thickness of Glass Containers, wall thickness, balancing, perpendicularity and many more.

Testing Instrument for Measuring Wall Thickness of PET Bottles

Various instruments are used to measure the properties of the PET bottles in highly effective manner. One of the major testing instruments which are used for measuring thickness of glass containers and PET bottles is Magna-Mike 8600. It is a high-quality testing device that measures the thickness of walls in highly effective manner. It is a non-destructive technique that works on the principle of Hall’s Effect.

Presto is an authorized dealer of the Magna-Mike 8600, a product from Olympus. It is a high-quality product that efficiently measures the quality of the PET bottles. The device provides precise results. To know more about Magnamike 8600, visit:

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