Keep Your PET Bottles Safe from Bursting With Bottle Burst Tester

Keep Your PET Bottles Safe from Bursting With Bottle Burst Tester

Soft drinks and juices are packed in glass, PET, and preform bottles, which are considered to be ideal packaging materials. These are translucent, inert, and impermeable materials. Bottle producers must keep an eye on the materials' purity and strength. To make sure that your PET bottle will stand with the bursting pressure then we suggest you go with Presto digital bottle burst testerThis amazing lab testing instrument is very useful in conducting the bottle burst test that will tremendously reduce the major problem that the PET industries face when the bottles are filled with high-pressure carbonated beverages and drinks.

The carbonated products create physical damage to the bottles, which is unsafe for the consumers. The physical impact on the bottles may cause PET or glass material to fly into the pieces, posing a risk of damage to adjacent personnel. This bursting of a bottle is hazardous to the items, as it can contaminate them as well as hurt humans. As a result, using the Bottle Burst Tester to assess the bottle's bursting strength is critical.

Here in this article, we will discuss brief information about the bottle burst tester digital model and how this lab testing instrument is helpful in testing the quality of PET products.

Easily strengthen your bottles from getting bursting failures with a bottle burst tester 

Because of the internal pressure created by carbon dioxide, bottles carrying carbonated drinks are believed to be more prone to burst than those containing noncarbonated liquids. Any bottle can be damaged if dropped, but the internal pressure created by carbonated bottled beverages increases the risk of product damage.

As a result, if you're a quality engineer or the owner of a PET bottle company, evaluating the bottle pressure is critical for delivering sturdy and durable products to your clients. This bottle burst testing machine will help you determine whether or not your PET bottle is suitable for product delivery or not.

The bottle burst test can also be used to calculate other elements like bottle expansion volume. Presto's Digital Bottle Burst Tester has a digital timer that can be pre-programmed. The timer has a maximum time restriction of 999 seconds that may be specified. The machines also come with an automatic shutoff feature. Thus you can easily test the bursting strength of bottles with the help of this lab testing equipment.

Features of bottle burst tester digital

In the manufacturing industry, a bottle burst tester is used to determine how much pressure a bottle can withstand during the filling process. PET packing is the most consistent type of packaging available. In today's world, this type of packaging is commonly utilized in every production line to ensure the safety of liquid products. The quality of the bottle must meet industry standards, otherwise, the liquids held within will be harmed. Manufacturers must verify each bottle's efficiency and quality against predetermined criteria.

Below we have listed the features you will get with the bottle bursting tester digital model.

  • Digital display for accurate test results
  • Highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control.
  • Strong clamping mechanism for performing tests
  • No slippage in case specimen is tightened uniformly using clamping and lever arm
  • Digital Preset timer
  • Timer changeable to Hrs:min: sec
  • Auto Pressure holds facility for maintaining pressure
  • Easy to access self-calibration facility
  • Display for input pressure
  • Applicable for Different sized PET bottles
  • Alarm buzz on test completion
  • Standard: ASTM C147-86(2015).

Technical Specifications of bottle bursting tester digital

  • Pressure range: Up to 260 psi
  • Pressure Display: LED Digital
  • Accuracy: ± 2% at full range (with master gauge)
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Input Pressure: 290 psi
  • Minimum diameter of Bottle Neck: 21 mm
  • Maximum Diameter of Bottle Neck: 24.6 mm
  • Maximum Bottle Diameter: 150 mm
  • Timer: 4 digit digital; up to 9999 sec
  • Test Start/Stop: Yes (Push Button)
  • Test Performed: Bottle Burst Strength

With these features and technical specifications, you will be able to conduct the bottle burst test of these products with ease. You can also read about the impact of the bursting strength of PET bottles on consumers.

Why it is important to test the bursting strength of PET bottles?

It is critical for PET bottle manufacturers to deliver high-quality bottles to bottling facilities so that product safety may be assured through thorough quality testing. When bottles are filled with high-pressure carbonated beverages and drinks, bursting is a major issue for the PET industry. It is the obligation of the PET bottle makers to examine the quality of the bottles to ensure that they do not rupture when subjected to light pressure.

Presto's Bottle Burst Tester – Digital is a popular testing tool in the PET industry for determining the bursting power of bottles. The bottle burst test is commenced by placing the Test sample firmly on the opening of the testing instrument and the bottle is filled with pressurized air. The pressure of the air is controlled through proper valves and gauges. This helps in creating the required pressure in the bottle for testing purposes. This bottle burst test plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of these bottles so that they are not prone to get burst with high pressures.

You can also read about how internal pressure can affect bottle quality and take measures to prevent the bursting of bottles. To know about bottle bursting tester price, discounts, or want to schedule a FREE online demo then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult with you regarding all your requirements.

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