Peel Tester-Easy Tool to Measure the Adhesive Performance Of Tapes

Peel Tester-Easy Tool to Measure the Adhesive Performance Of Tapes

If you work in the manufacturing industry, then you must have an idea about the adhesive performance of tapes. These tapes will play a major role in determining the holding capacity of the package. Thus, it is important to measure their adhesiveness to make sure that the product you deliver should remain in good condition. To ease your work Presto has come up with some amazing testing machines. One of the best testing machines is the peel strength tester. This testing instrument is designed by skilled engineers at Presto. Here we are going to tell you a brief about peel/seal/bond and adhesion strength tester that is necessary equipment for pressure-sensitive materials.

Peel/seal /bond and adhesion strength tester

The Presto Testing Instruments is a leading testing equipment supplier that will help to evaluate the quality of products produced by you. In the packaging industry, sticky tapes are used to handle the product in place. There are various types of sticking tapes available in the market that are based on several characteristics. These tapes may vary on the basis of thickness, strength, and the material used in making them. Thus, it is very important to check its quality before using your product.

With the help of the peel tester, you will be able to identify the stickiness of these tapes or labels used in packaging. This test can be conducted with a peel tester available at Presto. This is because Presto is committed to providing the best and highly accurate machines to their clients.

If we talk about this testing equipment then it is very reliable to use. It contains clamps that will hold the sample very tightly. These clamps are volatile and can pull the sample in the opposite direction. The force that will be exerted on the adhesive will easily be recorded with the help of this testing equipment.

We at Presto offer the best model of peel tester machines at cost-friendly prices. Its unique features and aesthetic appearance will help you to evaluate the adhesiveness of different materials. Also, you do not need to worry about safety while using this testing machine. This is because we have taken care of all safety measures while designing this testing instrument. You will be able to see the highly accurate results without any errors or rejections.

You can choose different models of this testing machine. The digital cum computerized model is one of the best models of peel tester that comes with digital display and inbuilt software & hardware CD. Its other features may include a tabletop compact model, peak hold for maximum load in memory. This will be helpful in providing self-calibration. So with this testing equipment, you can easily keep a check on the peel, adhesion, bond, and seal strength of plastics. Besides that, we also take care of your safety and thus embedded safety switches in it.

Why consider Presto for buying a peel tester?

There are many reasons that indicate Presto is the best testing instrument supplier and manufacturer in India. We have listed them below. You can read them and get the idea about buying peel testing instruments.

  • The testing instrument made by skilled members of Presto is of high quality.
  • These instruments from Presto will be able to help you out in determining the quality of products.
  • You can easily rely on the testing instruments from Presto as these are loaded with several safety features.
  • Another best part is that these instruments consist of advanced features that will let you display accurate results.
  • The best part is that you do not need to worry about the slippage of the specimen.


To get more assistance regarding this testing instrument, you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will surely assist you with your queries.

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