Test your Material at Uniform Temperature & Humidity with Presto Humidity Conditioning Chamber

Humidity Conditioning Chamber
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The Humidity conditioning chamber is an extremely well-designed lab testing equipment, manufactured to meet your daily lab testing needs. This testing instrument is designed by Presto Group ensuring all the necessary details into the equipment. The machine is a high-quality instrument that is manufactured to replicate climatic environments inside its humidity test cabinet by creating atmospheres of humidification, dehumidification, heating & cooling. This helps a material manufacturer to derive the physical durability of the developed material and thus ensure longevity.

The machinery is well-equipped with top-notch quality CFC free refrigerant fans ensuring the temperature distribution within the humidity test cabinet proportionally and uniformly. These aerodynamically cut out CFC free fans are made to control all the important aspects of climate control.

The humidity conditioning chamber is designed to control both humidity and temperature monitored by a PT-100 sensor to make sure of accurate readings. The humidity cabinet is manufactured to maintain uniform temperatures at all times during the test for precise outputs. The precise controlling of humidity and temperatures leads to cooling, heating, humidification as well as dehumidification to measure the physical uncertainties a specimen possesses on being tested under such extreme climatic conditions.

The humidity conditioning chamber is a very important lab testing instrument, manufactured with a consideration of easy-to-test ability to assist the operator. The machine has a lot of features that go unnoticed, so let us address some of the key features that make the machinery stand out from its competitors.

Key Features of Humidity Conditioning Chamber  

The humidity conditioning chamber is empowered with a digital control system for both humidity and temperature to ensure precise and accurate adjustment as per the requirement of the specimen to comply with the dedicated standards.

The humidity Cabinet offers a high-level imported puff integration to allow no leakage and provide maximum thermal efficiency. The humidity cabinet is also armed with SSR-based heating for heating at a rapid speed but still in a controlled manner.

The heating & cooling need to be uniform to achieve the desired as well as perfect results, therefore, an attachment of CFC-based refrigerant fans is provided within the humidity chamber to ensure that the artificially created environment around the specimen is uniform and proportionate.  

The instrument also offers the provision of a water level indicator to conveniently maneuver the testing methodology and assist the operator to a greater extent.

These water level indicators in the reservoir tank and other indicators in the humidity conditioning chamber are assisted by an alarm system with a buzzing sound at the final stages of the test.

The manufacturers of Presto Group understand the importance of high-level thermal efficiency to ensure maximum effectiveness and deliver desired output, therefore the machinery is equipped with high-grade puff insulation imported specially for the betterment of the results.;

The humidity conditioning chamber also allows an operator to keep the test conduction smooth by assisting the machinery with an auto-tuning function built within the humidity chamber allowing the machinery to adjust the climatic conditions inside according to the needs of the specimen.

The machinery ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy by offering an in-built calibration in reference to the PID controller system that also promotes single-handed operations easing the working of the manufacturer.

The humidity conditioning chamber is also equipped with an auto-stop feature to reduce the efforts of the operator and derive accuracy by reducing the scope of human error simultaneously.

An advanced feature of setting the machinery to RTD PT-100 sensor with the help of another advanced feature i.e. PID controller takes the instrument a notch higher above all the other competitors in the lab testing market.

The humidity conditioning chamber also offers the feature of a time totalizer designed in order to calculate the no. of hours the instrument is running and performing the test effectively.

The machinery is made with a lab-grade stainless steel material to maintain a corrosive-resistant finish for a long time and ensure rust-proof properties enhancing the longevity of the machine.

Although the machine is very effective & efficient as well as a feature-enrich lab testing instrument by the Presto Group, there are still some responsibilities that are necessary to be taken into consideration while installation of the machinery.

Installation of Humidity Conditioning Chamber

The humidity chamber should be set up on a plane, even surface to ensure no vibration and ventilation while conducting the test for achieving precise outputs consistently.

Make sure that the door side of the equipment is placed at a minimum of 1.2m distance from the wall to ensure easy opening and closing every time while performing the test to avoid delays.     

The installation area of the instrument must be able to withstand the weight of the instrument as there can be damage to the area of installation and, thus the instrument.  

Make sure to take care of the equipment of the machinery to ensure longevity and durability such as the fans, the humidity cabinet, the reservoir tank, etc.


The instrument offers precise and accurate results of physical uncertainties of the tested material by replicating environment-like surroundings such as humidification, dehumidification, cooling & heating. This enables the manufacturer of the material to determine the capability of the material to withstand extreme climatic conditions and thus ensure durability for a longer time span.  

At humidity chamber price the instrument is a very well-manufactured product enriched with a ton of features to promote single-handed as well as hassle-free operations.

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